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On The Sims The Urbz for DS how do you do mission 3?

Okay, so I was wondering how to do mission 3...the part that sez that Follow the Directions on the Bulletin board. how/what do you do?!

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    Mission #3*


    3-1 Mission for The Mann

    For this mission head over to Det. Dan and see whats up, after

    you have finished talking to him you should now know that you need

    to find go to Salty's Riverboat, and play a game of Moogoo Monkey.

    After you have done that you be approached by Giuseppi Mezzoalto,

    and he will give you a note talking about the Bulletin Board and

    that you will find another note there. *STOP* If you have not yet

    completed mission 3-3 than you will not be able to do anthing else

    in this specific set of Goals *END STOPPING* When you check the

    bulletin board you will read a note about the graveyard, and that

    that is where ou will find the final clue. Click on the Tombstones

    in the grave yard and eventually you will find the final clue, it

    talks about a hat with a feather, now the only person with a hat

    and feather is Berkley Clodd. Now find him and he will give you a

    breifcase, then take the briefcase to Det. Dan. And he will Rig

    it for you he will then ask that you bring it back to Giuseppi

    Mezzoalto, and thats it for this one.

    3-2 Daddy Bigbucks and the Xizzle factory

    Time for some more Xizzles! Firstly go find Lily Gates, she hangs

    around the docks in the day time. She will tell you how Daddy B. wants

    to completly destroy the Xizzle Factory, but she wants you to fix it

    up so it cant be destroyed.

    So now go search for Ewan who hangs around the streets of urbania and

    the biker shop. You need get Ewans help, so get relationship with him

    up to 50, he says he will do it but he need some cash to get the job

    done, so prepare to part with some paper. He also needs a little help

    so go get Dusty...

    Dusty will tell you that he that he will help you out but you have to

    beat him in a biking race. You can race Dusty between 6PM and 7PM, now

    it wont be an easy task to accomplish so don't just think your the


    cause 85% of you arent. Here are the best upgrades for the Cycle.

    _______________________________ _____

    (BEST CYCLE UPGRADES------------)(PRICE)

    (Chassis: Heavy-----------------)($950*)

    (Suspension: Sport--------------)($900*)

    (Engine: Dragster---------------)($895*)

    (Nitrous Tank: Large------------)($475*)

    (Tires: Racing------------------)($825*)

    (Accessory: Super Nitro---------)($800*)


    When you have finished that you can now cruise around on your new pair

    of wheels!

    Now go find Polly Nomial she is usually in the university or in

    Simquarter, get a relationship with her up to 50.

    After that talk to Lily again, and factory is saved and you can get

    some more Xizzles.

    3-3 None Shall Pass

    Now this one is a tricky one. Go find Gramma Hatie, and she will tell

    you about the secret meetings they are going to be having in order to

    put an end to Daddy B's evil Plans. You will need to get either five

    skill points in either Body or Charisma. Then you will need to meet

    Gramma at the Cemetery between 11Pm and 12AM, you will stand guard

    at the cemetery while the meeting is going on. The first person

    that approaches you is Daddy B, just say stuff that would tick him

    off and dont let him in. Next up is Darius (this one is the tuffy).

    Depending on your Rep group their are different ways to make him go

    away but their is no real definite one. So I highly recommend before

    you even begin this goal, so that you may restart and use the

    process of elimination to find out what you need to say. When you

    finished that Gramma will come up to you and tell you the good news.

    3-4 Get on the "List"

    This one is simple, go find "Cannonball" Coleman, he will tell you

    that he need your help at Zeke's Zydeco Club. But first you will need

    to earn 2 Rep point with your Group, you will need to be at the club

    at 2AM so be well rested. Coleman will tell you not to let any

    'Richies, Artsies, Streeties, Nerdies' in so, thats exactly what you

    do. So no admittance to people of that Rep Group. After that Coleman

    will approach you and give you a nice trophy for your 'crib' as

    you streeties call it.

    3-5 High Society

    Go find Luthor Bigbucks, he usually hangs around SimQuarter, he will

    inform you about the museum, and how it needs a little help from you.

    You need to find a curator and buy at least one exhibit. So the

    easiest one is buying an exhibit, so just go up to one of the other

    floors and buy anyone of the exhibit, I highly recommend buying all

    of the exhibits, cause if you do than every week you will receive

    $1000 smackers in the mail. So thats a nice bonus.

    Now go find Roxanna Moxie, she will tell you that her cousin would

    be willing to be the curator at the museum. So just pay the travel

    expenses, and Presto Alaminki! Your done! (Ok, that was pretty lame)

    3-6 The Ballad of Pepper Pete

    Once again go find Mambo Loa, she will inform you of the tragic

    matter that is troubling Olde Salty. You will need to find these

    three things in order to save the Riverboat and once again thwart

    the plans of Daddy B.

    The Sailors Coat can be found after talking with Phoebe Twiddle,

    she is usually in the Thrift Store all day long. When you are

    done talking to her she will tell you to look into the upper coat

    rack in her store to find the Coat.

    The Fake Beard can be bought from Pritchcard Locksley, who is usually

    in SimQuarter, buy if from him for $300 Simoleans.

    And finally, get the sailors cap online from SimBay, by ordering it

    from the computer in the Coffe Shop. It will take around 3-5 days

    for it to arrive though.

    Now take all of the items to Mambo Loa and she will dress you up

    as Pepper Pete, now go to the RiverBoat and find Olde Salty.

    Talk to him and convince him not sell to Daddy B. After that cut-

    scene is over Daddy B. will approach you and throw you all the way

    to the Bayou...

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    Its probably purely a glitch, Sims 3 happens to glitch/computer virus plenty. I actual have a Sims that have been given caught in a wall after cleansing the bathe. purely attempt restarting your Sims game, if its nevertheless there, according to threat attempt to shop the kinfolk and then circulate them someplace else, thats what I do whilst there's an odd glitch.

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    I wish to ask the same question as the op.

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    Not sure about this

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