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What bicycle brand names are considered as top of the line bicycles?

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    There is an incredible number of boutique brands out there, and they make some incredible stuff. Moots, Seven, Ellsworth, Turner, Calfee, DeRosa, etc. There are also brands that are high-quality, but not quite boutique...your Look, Colnago, Ibis, Indy Fab. Then you get into upper-tier brands that make quality stuff, but pop 'em out by the zillions (Trek and its subsidiaries, Specialized, etc.) Finally, you get to the Fuji, Raleigh, GT, Mongoose and other stuff you find at Performance Bike. There's stuff below that, too.

    I've found the happy medium with Lemond for road bikes, and Gary Fisher for mountain bikes. They're owned by Trek and the models I ride are made in the U.S. Lots of bike for the buck.

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    Bicycle Brand Names

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    What bicycle brand names are considered as top of the line bicycles?

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    As Atilla answered. There is a huge number of great bike manufacturers, especially if you include many of the boutique or handcrafted bike companies.

    The things that you want to pay attention to are the warranty policy, the frame integrity and what components a company uses on their bikes.

    Some of the biggest and most well respected bike brands are Trek, Specialized, Giant, Felt, Kona, Niner, Santa Cruz, GT, Ibis, Fuji, Scott, Orbea, and others. For a full list of great brands and also several to avoid check out the following post that is really in depth on good mountain bike brands.

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    As you surely know, no Wal-mart brand bikes. Something you need to remember is that bikes are similar to cars in the aspect of quality and cost. In terms of Ford vehicles. They make crappy cars like the Taursus (used to make this car), but at the same time, they make a Superior ride like the GT (remake of the GT 40 racing car). When you buy a car, you will usually pay more if you get one with a super engine in it. The same can be said of bikes. You will spend a huge chunck of money if you get good components(deraileurs, gearsets, brakes, bearings). If you get a bike with SRAM components, that's a pretty nice bike, but there are some bikes that might be made by the same company that have no-name components. So just be warned, you can get a really nice bike from most bike companies, but at the same time, you can get some absolute junk from the same company. It's a bit detailed to break it down between all the makes and models, but I hope this theme will help you. Happy cycling

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    Trek, Specialized, Giant, Litespeed, Cervelo, Cannondale, Colnalgo, Pinarello, Moots, Look, Time, Merckx, De Rosa

    Next is mass market junk. There are two versions of Mongoose. Mongoose Pro is bicycle shop quality and the better of the two. The other is just called Mongoose and is the mass market version (cheaper).

  • All of you seem to be forgetting Specialized, which is a quality bicycle for both mountains and the road. Don't forget to check out a Trek or a Cannondale, as well.

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    I would go for:

    * Road bikes: Trek, Giant and Cervelo

    * Mountain bikes: Santa Cruz,Rocky Mountain and Trek.

    Santa Cruz and Rocky Mt. are two amazing companies that build bikes with love. Trek - did some very nice things (Mr. Armstrong knows...) on 2 wheels.

    Giant is due to the fact they are the largest company in the field and they invest a lot fo money on improving their frame built process.

    Source(s): A mt. biker for the past 12 years.
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    Atilla seems to have given the best answer, but I would suggest that he is missing a key character flaw shared by a lot of cyclists when he talks about getting the most for your dollar. I have to show a great deal of self restraint to resist not getting just the most. . . for any dollar amount. I worked two jobs for 8-months to get my Calfee Dragonfly with chorus carbon group. That's sick. But I will never buy a better bike. For any amount of money.

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    Top three road bikes: Cervelo, Cannondale, Trek

    Top three Mountain bikes: Rocky Mountain, Cannondale, Trek

    Don't forget the Big Wheel... : )

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