what is YINSTARTER?( yahoo's activex)?

I know its a ActiveX control. But my browser has "error on page" problem... I cant remember what is this Activex (.dll) file for , are they (error + yinstarter) related to eachother?

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    1 decade ago
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    JTS wrote:

    > I have very low memory. In my windows downloaded program

    > file I have some files I don't even know what they are for

    > or if I can get rid of them. They are as follows:

    > Installer Class, Update Class, Yinstarter Class, RDxle

    > Class, QDiagAol Class and Housecall Class. Can any of

    > these be deleted safely?

    > JTS


    They are ActiveX controls. You can right-click them and select

    properties to see where they came from. Many people block ActiveX

    controls completely.

    No harm will come to your system by deleting them, but it's not going to

    free up much memory or disk space. Are you getting a message that you

    are low on memory? If so, post the error message and what you were doing

    when you got it, such as surfing the web, editing photos and so on.

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    1 decade ago

    This site might be able to help you with your problem:


    Good Luck

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