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I have land for sale in Chilean Patagonia....?

Dear Sirs,

I am contacting you to share with you information regarding a property we have for sale.

It is a 2025 hectare (5.004 acres) land in Cisne Medio, Austral Road, Aysén Region in the Chilean Patagonia. In the midst of a rustic environment, surrounded by mountains, it is largely covered by native untouched forest, with a 2km long interior lake and three interior valleys, bordered by the Cisnes river and crossed by the Sandoval stream.

Chile offers excellent guarantees to foreign investors, something which has been recognized internationally, it's perfectly legal for a foreigner to buy a property. There are special regulations for foreign investments, but they are relatively simple.

Chile is a particularly safe and peaceful country, more over in the Patagonia, where in some places you can even leave doors unlocked with no fear something will happen. There is no corruption and public institutions work very well. Certain protocols are necessary for doing business here, so I would suggest you choose a lawyer buffet to assist you if you plan to invest in Chile.

There is a small village 12 kms from the property (Villa Amengual) with basic services and a runway suitable for small planes, and Coyhaique, the regional capital, is 160 kms south of the property (110 kms of which are paved). Regional plans include having the Austral Road paved by the year 2010, as well as bringing electricity and telephone services to this area.

To reach the property you must fly into Santiago,Chile. Once in Santiago, you must take a connection flight to the Balmaceda Airport, in the Aysen Region. Once in Balmaceda, there is a half hour trip to Coyhaique. The property is 2.5 hours from Coyhaique. Coyhaique has approximately 40.000 inhabitants, hospital, government offices, etc.

The property is an ideal site for an avid sports fishing fan, since it is completely isolated by important natural limits: the Cisnes river, that borders the property for 5 kms, and state-owned mountains that surround the rest of the property. To reach the property you must go across the river, but at the same time, since the river is only approximately 1 km from the Austral Road , this makes it both : an isolated place as well as a relatively easy place to reach.

Prevalent wildlife: fox, wild boar, Hurons, hares, pudu, pumas, caiquens and other regional birds. No snakes of any type (unless they can use a parka!)

Property taxes are currently very low, since it a rustic, rural property, no more than US$ 200 per year.

Our property is free of mortgages, all papers and documents are in order, ready to be sold. It is sold directly by us, the owners.

Price: US$ 1.780.000.-

Why must you invest in Chilean Patagonia?

Politically stable democratic government

Stable legal system, with clear, non-discriminatory laws

A free market economy, deregulated and competitive

Sound, stable, non-discriminatory economic policies

Constitutional guarantees for foreign investment

Favorable economic outlook with very good investment opportunities

Extremely open economy, with low customs duties and no non-tariff barrier

Highly developed, dynamic capital markets

Modern financial system with up-to-date technology

Tradition of profound respect for laws regulations

If you would like to visit the property, we can help you coordinate your visit. We own a small Mountain Hotel situated 125 kms north of the property, where we can gladly host you and help you with your visit.

You can find more information (maps and pictures) at FTP://VALLES:PERDIDOS@ . (if you can't click directly, please copy and paste in your Internet browser).

If you have any additional inquiries, please don't hesitate in contacting us.

Sincerely yours,

Alan Vasquez




Tel: 56 (67) 314141; Fax 56 (67) 314142 WWW.espacioytiempo.

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    Sure, and I have oceanfront property in Arizona I'd like to sell ya!

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