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Are speedos mandatory in France and if so does anyone know where you can buy speedos in Paris,France?

I am going to france this summer and I herd that speedos are mandatory, so that would pose a problem since I dont own one. I need to know this so that I can buy one when I am there so that I can budget my money.

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    Speedos ARE mandatory in public (I nearly wrote pubic!) pools. I'm not sure about the rules in hotels, I think they're the same, but, obviously on the beach you can wear what you like.

    Any department store (eg Galleries Lafayette) or sports shop (eg Decathlon) should sell them.

    Source(s): I live and swim in France!
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    Speedos are NOT mandatory in France. There are no worries, you do not need to go and find a speedo. Some people may be wearing them but I would say the majority of the people will be wearing regular bathing suits. However if you would really like a speedo, just go to any clothing store and if they are as mandatory as you think they should have some.

    Source(s): I have lived in France.
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    I confirm what the other two respondants wrote. The cheapest place in France to buy a 'speedo' is at Decathlon (see link for stores

    Some, but not all, public swimming pools in France also require that you wear a swim cap. You can usually buy one at the pool ( approx. 3 €).

    Source(s): regular swimmer
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    At public pools, you'll need a speedo, and you'll look like everyone else. At the beach, you can wear whatever. If you wear a regular U.S. bathing suit, you'll look fine.

    The big super markets sell clothes and you should be able to get one there for 5-10 euros.

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    I confirm what had say empea, you have to wear Speedos for hygiene... I know that is a little bit yummy...

    Source(s): I wear Speedos in France
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