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Can someone please summarize the Jean Grey/Phonix/Dark Phonix Saga for me. I remember alittle and I know that the X-Men 3 movie totally messed it up but my husband was asking me how the story really went and I can only remember parts of it.

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    Many months later, after Xavier had recruited a new team of X-Men to help save the others from Krakoa, most senior members left as did Jean, who involuntarily found herself attracted to new member Wolverine. Cyclops, however, refused to leave the X-Men or rather found that he simply couldn't once again feeling that because of his power, he would never be able to actually lead a normal life for fear of hurting someone. He genuinely felt that the X-Men team was the only place he really belonged, which upset Jean. She still remained in contact with the X-Men and became best friends with the new teammate Ororo Munroe a.k.a. Storm.

    Later while meeting with Scott, Jean was abducted by Sentinels along with Wolverine and Banshee. They were taken to a space station in orbit around Earth. The other X-Men later came and rescued the three from the Sentinels.

    During the destruction of the space station, the X-men and some astronauts managed to take a shuttle in order to escape. The shuttle was damaged breaking away from the space station. It left it largely unshielded except for the interior of a space probe in the shuttle's cargo bay during one of the worst solar storms in history. A decision was made that someone would have to stay at the controls and pilot the ship. Knowing nobody else had a chance of surviving long enough to pilot the ship to safety, Jean used her telepathy to absorb Dr. Peter Corbeau's piloting knowledge, and planned to use her telekinetic shield to screen out the radiation as she piloted the ship back to Earth. Cyclops attempted to stop her and she used a mental bolt to stun him. Wolverine took the unconscious Cyclops after one last look at the woman he has come to care for and joined the others in the probe. Jean valiantly piloted the ship until her telekinetic shields started to give way under the onslaught of the intense radiation. Jean would have died were it not for being reborn as the Phoenix.

    The strain of holding the solar radiation at bay with her powers had destroyed the psychic shields Xavier had placed in her mind as a child. In order to save the lives of her friends, her beloved Scott, and herself Jean "achieved her full potential as a psi, becoming briefly a being of pure thought before reforming herself as the Phoenix". The shuttle crashed into Jamaica Bay. Jean seemingly emerged from its remnants, imbued with vast cosmic powers announcing, "I am Phoenix." It was later revealed that Jean's original body was actually placed into a healing cocoon in the depths of Jamaica Bay and the Phoenix force helped Jean psionically clone a new body using her genetic template, and then transferred almost all of Jean's mind and soul (save for a few fragments of her spirit which refused to leave Jean's original body) into the cosmically created clone's body. It was the stubborn soul fragments which prompted Phoenix to place her old body in the healing cocoon, as she could not bear to extuinguish their spark (and it was a very good thing she did, or her story would be much shorter). Since the Phoenix Force replicated Jean's body so perfectly (and because Phoenix had transferred Jean's mind and soul to her new body), not even Professor X could detect the difference between Jean and the Phoenix. As Phoenix, Jean's psi-powers became stronger and stronger, "backed by the power of the Sun itself". She began to manifest a fiery bird-shaped energy aura whenever she used her powers to their fullest extent.

    This is the beginning of the Phoenix saga...

    follow link for rest of story...

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    Clay-mation was way off. The other two were almost right.

    Jean did not leave when the new X-Men (Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Storm, etc.) were formed. Jean and Scott (Cyclops) were the only original members to stay.

    Returning from a space mission their ship was damaged and was leaking radiation. Jean used he powers to shield the other X-Men and piloted the ship in for a crash landing.

    Jean apparently died in the landing and was lost in the sea. Soon after than she reappeared as the Phonex. Her powers were greatly increased making her by far the most powerful being on earth.

    About the same time a villian known as Mastermind who has the powers of illusion. Started messing with her mind. He started trying to make her belive that she was someone else entirely. He created the illusion that she was his wife and that she herslf was a criminal.

    This drove her crazy and she became the Dark Phonex. She defeated and nearly killed the X-Men and fled the planet. in space she destroyed a fleet a Shi'ar ships and absorbed an entire sun killing an entire planet of sentiant beings.

    The X-Men tracked her down and in the confrontation Professor X was able to find her good side and bring her back to the light. About that time the Shi'ar tracked them down, and wanted to Kill Phonex.

    The X-men prepared to defend their friend, and Jean realizinf what she had done sacrificed herself to protect her friends, and to keep from ever hurting anyone again.

    And that was the end of the story for many years.

    Until....it was revealed that the Phonex had never really been Jean. In the moments before the crash, an elemental force had communicated with Jean and made her a deal. The Phonex force(which is niether good or evil) would save Jean if she would allow the Phonex force to take her place for a while to see what physical life is about.

    After time a cocoon was found at the crash site and when it opened the original Jean Grey was there, with her original powers, and no Phonex.

    There was also a clone of Jean that showed up before the real Jean reappeared. But that is a different story completely

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    So they found Jean Grey when she was a little girl and noticed that she had great potential. When they took her in, Dr. Xavier noticed another personality inside her that was uncontrollable with great power. In therapy, Jean referred to this personality as the Phoenix. Dr. Xavier placed mental barriers to restrain this personality so Jean Grey could function normally. However, the Phoenix broke through, I assume, to save them both in the incident at the end of X-men 2. Through the rest of the movie, Wolverine and Dr. Xavier are trying to persuade Jean/Phoenix, to let them help control the Phoenix again. I'm won't say the ending for other people's sake.

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    Jean was a young mutant joined the x-men. adventured with them. Then left when the new guys (wolvie's group came in). While in space someting happened and she rejoined the x-men and saved the universe when the then emperor of the sh'iar tried to destroy the universe. She did this revealing the phoenix. Lilandra realized she was the phoenix and her and other aliens banded together to kill her. she then sacrificed herself so the other x-men wouldnt be killed. Then later it turned out the real Jean was in a sort of cocoon and the phoenix had impersonated her. The real jean then joined the original x-men as x-factor. After a few years she rejoined the x-men.

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    the above answers are very good. but also remember that the x-men movies are made to be a little more realistic. hence juggernaut's simplified costume and the matching outfits. the reason the phoenix saga was changed was because it needed to fit into the film universe. it wouldn't really be a good idea to include all the cosmic aspects of the storyline. i thought the explanation for the phoenix was very creative and fit well, considering the events of x2. hope that helped....

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  • 3 years ago

    X-men (released 2000) X2 (additionally referred to as X2: X-men United, X-men 2: X-men United and X-men 2) (released 2003) X-men: The final Stand (released 2006) X-men Origins: Wolverine (released 2009) Upcoming are: X-men: first-type (to be released 2010) X-men Origins: Magneto (to be released 2011)

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    there's a mission where the x-men go into space, and when they come back, jean seems to have developed these fantastic powers. in fact, its not jean, its an entity called the phoenix force who has taken the shape of jean's body, while the real jean lies cacooned and comatosed (if i remember rightly). while jean is thought to be dead, before phoenix comes back, a clone turns up looking and acting like jean, but is called madelaine pryor.

    anyway, madeleine turns nuts (like all good clones) and ends up dying (this is after phoenix, pretending to be jean, returns).

    now i'm not sure what happens after that, but next thing i remember is the real jean appears, but with phoenix's powers. she goes along quite happily for years and years then, marrying scott and carrying on doing her bit for the x-men, but in a very recent issue of essential x-men (british comic), she died again and this time it could well be for good.

    sorry its not a more in depth answer, but i can't remember any more than that!

    Source(s): many, many years of reading comics
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  • 1 decade ago

    They come back from a space mission and Jean turns into the Pheonix. The Shi'ar come to kill her because as Pheonix she ate a sun and destroyed a solar system killing billions. The X-men fight the Shi'ar to save her but she realizes what a threat she is and kills herself. Then later she shows up in a cocoon in the ocean, which turns out to be Madelyne Pryor, a clone. Then Jean comes back again and again.

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