What is the world record for birth to one woman?

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Does anyone know the world record for births by a single woman?
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  • Pren answered 8 years ago
THE greatest recorded number of children born to one mother in the world, according to the Guinness 2004 world records is 69. In 27 pregnancies, the first wife of Feodor Vassilyev of Russia gave birth to 16 pairs of twins, 7 sets of triplets and four sets of quadruplets.

This was in the 17 Century. Only two of her children died at infancy. She also holds the world record for giving birth to the most sets of twins and sets of quadruplets.

Similarly, the highest medically recorded number of children born at a single birth is nine to Geraldine Brodrick of Australia. None of the children (five boys, two stillborn and four girls) lived for more than six days. This was way back in 1971.

But the most children delivered at a single birth to survive are a set of septuplets (four boys and three girls.

Their mother, Bobbie McCaughey gave birth in 1997 at the University hospital, Lowa in United State of America.

The longest interval between the births of two children to the same mother is 41 years. Elizabeth Ann Buttle of the United Kingdom produced her daughter Belinda in 1956 and rested for 41 years before giving birth to Joseph in 1997.

But among men, Guinness recorded Moulay Ismail, the last Sharifian Emperor, as the world record for fathering 525 sons, 342 daughters by 1703.

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  • nakedandsucking answered 8 years ago
    i know someone that's pregnant with her 19th.
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  • happydawg answered 8 years ago
    A lady in Atwood, Illinois gave birth to 16 children. I am friends with 2 of them. Their last name is Anderson
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  • mikemadie answered 8 years ago
    I saw a show on TLC called 15 children and pregnant. Then it was called 16 children and moving in. I am not sure if that is the world record, but that is pure craziness. I hope they figured out what causes that.

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  • DivaDynamite answered 8 years ago
    I recall earlier this year seeing something on the MSN website that mentioned a woman who was pregnant with her 21st child. That's right...21!!!
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  • happyslappy answered 8 years ago
    i have no idea but its gotta be high my mother gave birth to 9 children!!
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  • drewK answered 8 years ago
    in 1987 a woman in India gave birth to 14 babies at once. only 9 have survived.
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