AB workout?

What is the best and FASTEST way to work out your abs?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Ab work out. If I say, there is no fastest Ab work out, please do not get annoyed with me OK.

    You can see howmany machines are churning out of the fitness industry for toning the so-called ab muscles. Have you pondered for a while, if anything could have given any significant result what for these machines are coming out.

    The result, none of these machines really work for your abs. When you think about your ab muscles, you have to think of the full body work out. The simple reason, the fat what you can find on the stomach is nothing but the total fat on the body accumulated in a inert place. So, you need a total body approach to reduce even the fat a hips, and abs too. This is the scientific fact.

    The crunches alone will not do any good, on the other hand it will hurt your back.

    So, please understand the physiology, Anatomy and kinesiology and do the work out.

    You can undergo for a well structured resistance training with a wise combination of cardios and stretches. You will get the desired result. And you will feel healthy too.

    If you do like to know more about this, kindly feel free to mail me.

    Have a nice day.

  • 1 decade ago

    hi, it depends on individual ability . U have to test first your max. AB strength ( max. situps repetition) . Start then with 50% of max. if your test is 30 rep. ! start AB workout on your first week by situps 15*3 sets , then increase gradualy repetition to 20*3 and so on .

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