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WHY is that on the the 21 century a lot of people still have a very bad impression from Mexico? do u agree too

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    Mexico after over 400 years seems to struggle with itself. It is a country that has endured French occupation, civil war, corruption, and war against US twice over Texas and for California(Mexican Cession).

    Mexico began as part of the Aztec Empire. This race of natives were conquered by Hernando Cortez. Spain made it into a very important territory.

    Over the years; revolution, civil war, international war, and corruption have set Mexico back for which recovery was difficult.

    Mexico has rich resources and skilled labor; but lack outside investors. When investors tried in the past; they had to pay bribes or lose their rights to assets in Mexico. International reluctance can be elimiated if world courts had the authority to litigate for assets taken; but sadly they do not. Countries like US have foreign investors; but go on faith and a proven track record as their reasons for investment.

    Maybe in light of recent political change in Mexico and more investments will the rest of the world make real headway in investing.

    In doing so; it creates jobs. These jobs stay in Mexico. Mexicans will no longer feel the need to cross US border for work. After all; illegals; don't pay income and social security taxes. When it comes time to retire they cannot get SS income or Medicare. So who is really cheating who.

    I feel for the plight of illegals in our country; but when they find out how much income an social security taxes they must pay; they will likely leave. Employers benefit by not matching SS benefits. That is why employers like illegals. They save money.

    So long as some Mexicans think that it is ok not to pay their taxes while working in US; then no one will take them seriously.

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    A land full of corruption(MY Mexican friends tell me that, worst is Mexico city) They say it's much less here, USA. I have some Puerto Rican friends that say same thing about Puerto Rico. I figure they know better than me.

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    I must admit the way many Mexican men, especially landscapers, leer and check out girls women definatly makes me stereotype. They make me so angry. I think the way they do that is just gross. They sometimes even call after you as you walk by. And I hate when you walk by them working you see all of them stop what they are doing and turn their heads twords you and stare. Like WTF. And my little sister who is 10 years old has that happen to her all the time. Its DISGUSTING!

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    This impression is not the first is the second ...third hundreth impression from mexican citizens disrespecting America and its Laws!

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    dont understand the question

    but i do agree mexicans arent bad at all

    they rock

    Source(s): me, i am a mexican
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    because they are costing us millions of dollars to support and statistically they are the main cause of identity theft.

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    uhh.....i have no idea........

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