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What's the Highest IQ Possible?

Marilyn vos Savant claims her IQ is over 200. Is that even statistically possible?

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    In the following link Savant's childhood was graded at an astounding 228! using the modern accepted bell curve method to accurately compare a childs learning capacity against the potential for them to lose the ability to acquire new knowledge as time passes.. in theory there is nothing left to learn for these types of people.. I read online that the highest possible IQ of adults is 223.. but the odds are 1:26,000,000,000 ... if the entire population of the planet was recycled about 4 1/3 times .. only one of these people would exist in the world during the entire time

    or said another way... if the life expectancy of the average person was exactly 80 someone of this intelligence would come along once every 350 years or so

    A lot of the above is my dissection of the facts as they were presented in various webpages I have seen.

    Hope this helps in your research :)

    I learned a lot finding these tidbits for your question :)

    thanks.. you answered some of my questions as well.

    Here is the link that supports these findings.. Hopefully I can find the other one for you.. I will have to look through previous answer of mine to see if I have it

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    It was thought to be 200 until Marilyn vos Savant took a test with Mensa that said she was 223. Stephen Hawkins was 200. Until then no one had gone over 200. The average is 100. Albert Einstein was never tested. It all depends on which intelligence the IQ test is looking at, each day is different with individuals and the reliability of the examiner and test. So until someone breaks Marilyn's record, we won't know.

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    You must ask who wrote the IQ tests that she took to measure her IQ?

    Intelligence is made up of various skills, great memory, great problem solving, certain aptitudes, etc.

    Having a high IQ is not necessarily being the brightest person on earth.

    Now why was I answering this question? LOL

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    Yes, depending on the type of IQ test you use (there are many). The problem with IQ tests is that it may be culture biased or the IQ of the questioner may be inferior than the one taking the test.

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    Statistically it's around 205, mean of 100 standard deviation of 15.

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    I guess, Isn't Stephen Hawkins 240 or something close to that?

    I don't know if there is a limit on how high the number goes, maybe a perfect score rounds out to about 300?

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    200 is the highest possible. that is what my psychologist told me when she tested my IQ at 198.

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    No. 200 is the highest.

  • Of course it is. The highest IQ has always been held by God, but it must be a bazillion!

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    There isn't a limit to IQ, just a limit to the tests that measure it.

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