What's you favorite children's clothing brand?

I'm a Gymboree girl myself, but I'd like to branch out. What are some other really cute children's clothing brands and where do you buy them? An added bonus would be brands that offer matching brother/sister stuff! (I already know about Kelly's Kids and Heartstrings/Kitestrings.)

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    My favorites for my son are: Oilily, H & M, Fred Bare, Small Paul by Paul Frank, Tea Collection, Children's Place, Baby Gap, Gymboree, Wal-Mart, Target, Oink Baby, Juicy Couture Boys, Inky Dink, Appaman, Babystyle, OshKosh, Icky Baby, Carter's, Ralph Lauren Baby, Guess Kids, Gumballs... whew... there are so many and they range in price depending on what you're looking for them to wear. If the brands have stores in my area, that's usually where I'll get them. Otherwise, I take the extra long trip to go to an outlet mall. But usually, I go on eBay because it's cheaper for me... since we live in Hawaii and we don't have too much of anything in the children's clothing department... If matching brother/ sister is what you're looking for, Tea Collection would be perfect for the more fancy or dressy occassions and No Added Sugar would be best for casual or play wear. I find myself buying so many outfits for my son and stepdaughter that many of them go unworn... I can't help myself, some lines are just too cute!!! We've switched closets cause they have more stuff than both myself and my husband combined... Oh, well... Good luck!!!

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    Heartstrings Children's Clothing

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    I think it all depends on their age. When my daughter was a baby & a toddler I loved Gymboree. Now that she is 10 she likes Mudd, LEI, Limited Too, Aeropostale and Candies to name a few. With most of those brands bought at Kohls. For my son that is 6, I like US Polo, Tommy and Nike (& others I can't think of). Of course it's not as fun to buy for boys! Don't know of any other brands that have matching brother/sister stuff.

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    I absolutely love Old Navy. They have great sales, both girls and boys. They are alot cheaper than Tommy or Gymboree and just as popular if not more.

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  • 1 decade ago

    my favorite clothes are from the childrens place im not sure about matching boy and girl clothes as i have two boys but the clothes are cute rugged and afforadable! you can look on line or i believe a lot of malls carry the stores i am lucky to have an outlet store a couple hours away.

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    i also love gymboree, but that can get expensive!! i found old navy clothing to be well-made, comfy, and rather inexpensive... and i can buy matching outfits for my 6 and 13 year old, and sometimes the 2 and 6 year old.. they have great online shopping!

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    childrens place has some really cute stuff and they have matching brother/sister stuff. I love gymboree too. but childrens place has such cute stuff and the have awesome sales

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    Well, the Children's Place since I work there and I get the awesome discount. But i also love old navy clothes too!

  • 1 decade ago

    Anything with adjustable waist bands. Ainsley is tall for her an asian child, but thin compared to caucasion babies. She used to wear 2Tslim. She can wear a 4 slim now, but it's so hard to find. She has no butt, so the adujstable waist bands allow her to wear most things without having them fall down!!

  • 1 decade ago

    Hand Me Downs

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