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Confederate flag offensive???

ok...well I wear the confederate flag all the time. And I know that some ppl find it offensive. So I'ma gonna tell everyone the true meaning of the flag. All it stands for is the love of the south...not the hate of a race. I know some racist ppl wear it and the makes me soooo mad, b/c that makes everyone who wears it look predjudice, and I'm engaged to a puerto rican!!! So I just wanna anyone offended by it, and why?? B/c it does NOT stand for hate against any race!!! b/c if I saw another race other than white wearing it id be proud...proud that I love the south just like they do!!! And I don't get offended when I see a mexican flag, or a british flag, etc. b/c thats their heritage. Just like mine is in the south!!!

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    You're very correct in this. MOST people do not use the confederate flag as a symbol of hate; they use it as a symbol of their southern roots. It shows a severe lack of education for people to simply assume that the flag means one thing, and one thing only, to those who wave it.

    We all have a different meaning of the American flag, Mexican flag, Puerto Rican flag, etc. Does waving a German flag make one a Nazi? Does waving a Chinese flag make one a Communist?

    And whatever happened to freedom of expression? Apparently freedom of expression only applies to illegal Mexicans who want to protest our (generous and accepting) government and wave their Mexican flags in our faces.

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    Okay, going to respond to this from what I know, have been told and what I remember.

    The Confederate flag stood for the confederate. The other flag represented the Federal. The fight between the north and south was based on the fact that the Federal side wanted control of the country. The Confederate did not want to have anything to do with it, so that is why the war broke out. Which by the way was unconstitutional at the time.

    All the flag represents is the South. The Rebels. It never stood for who was black or white.

    I am not, nor have ever been from the south. BUT because I am a Rebel, I would rather wave the Confederate flag then the other one.

    One last thing I want to say. If you look at "some" people that ride motorcycles, they will have the Rebel flag. And I think that is cool!

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    I'm an african american who has grown up in the North all of my life. I am not offended by the Confederate Flag because thanks to my education in college and my degree in Political Science, I know what it truly represents. That flag represents a way of life that once was in the South and the history of the people who lived there. No, not all history is good or positive, and YES slavery was a horrible part of that lifestyle years ago. But remember the South's economic survival relied heavily on the production of cotton and slavery was a huge part of that process. It is sad that people use this part of our American History to terroize people and strike fear in others hearts, that was not the orignal meaning of that flag. This country was founded with the idea of allowing people to live free as long as they aren't imposing on anyone elses freedom or liberty. Unfortunately some people use that flag to do so. That was not it's original purpose. So, no I am not offended as long as the owner of the Confederate Flag knows the true history and meaning of the flag = The representation of a way of life for people years ago, which is all of our history. Black/White or any other race...

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    I find it odd since I have a few black (sorry to you PC people but they hate being called African-Americans) that are from the Georgia area. The have no issue with the Confederate flag stating that it is part of the American heritage. They all seem to agree that the civil war has unfortunately become all about the slave issue when in fact that was but one issue.

    Good for you to stand up for what you believe in. The south is a very proud area of our country and you have every right to show your pride for the area.

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    Absolutely love the Confederate flag...It has gotten a bad name by the KKK who lack any common sense and have used it to expel there racist attitudes and to prove there ignorance....The other side of the ignorance coin are those that try to ban the flag and take it away from us Many states have taken it from there state flags and Universities have actually changed the names of there sports teams...because the flag is misunderstood...sorry folks but this flag represents my heritage and I am as entitled to my heritage as anyone is the problems that people have with this flag is due to there own misunderstandings.

    Source(s): Robsthings if it is improper because the south lost the civil war than no one should be allowed flags of there heritage all flags that are not American are not permitted...that would make for a disgusting law All Americans have heritage and should be not be banned from expressing there heritage...we are one world one nation one state and one city and we shouldnt be restricted from enjoying our heritage....Do you believe geneology should be outlawed?
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    Flags are symbols. You do not associate your symbol as a symbol of hate, others do. So, you have to make a choice.

    The swastika was a sun symbol, a positive symbol. But the Hitler sorta changed that meaning a bit, didn't he.

    So either keep offending and explaining to people that YOU don't mean this symbol as a notion of hatred, or get over it.

    I would be curious what some Black responders would have to say about this since the White folk have pretty much dominated the answering.

    Source(s): PS. The south lost. Your heritage is American. Why don't you wear your state's flag?
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    I agree, It's a symbol of heritage, not hate. one of my neighbors flys the flag of Mexico, two the Rainbow flag, and another the Black Flag of anarchy, and I don't have any problems with their symbols, and they don't get upset over my displaying symbols of White Nationalism.

    Respect and tolerance live on a two way street, Anyone who calls your flag racist or hateful has opened theirselves to criticism of their own beliefs.

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    I agree...people who get upset about the Confederate flag are ignorant. They are the type of people who live to find a fault in everything and they are not happy unless they are protesting something!

    LOL...applause to Stiff Greygoose! That was priceless!

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    It was in the Dukes of Hazards

    It got those guys into trouble

    It kinda stands for slavery, that the north were fightin against

    However like most lands they all got their big gap of choice

    I suppose thats why Independence is termed as so

    Its the in-dependant opinion

    Source(s): That movie is my most recent encounter of the prejudice Good movie too
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    Well, like it was said about the American Revolution, if they loose they would be treasonous, if they win, heroes. The south just lost, so I still find the flag to be a sign of treason to the day.

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    I agree. But unfortunately so many hate groups have claimed that flag as their own that many people view it as a racist statement now.

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