Need place to camp for 20 friends in PA, WV, OH, etc.?

Hi All! I need suggestions for a campground that me and my friends could get together and just have one great night of camping together. We need to stay within 100-200 miles of Pittsburgh, PA (so OH, WV would be okay) and it needs to be a campground that would let about 20 of us get together and permits alcohol and would not mind if we are noisy, since we haven't seen each other in so long. We are all over 21 and we are actually pretty responsible people (though it probably doesn't sound that way from the post, lol) so we wouldn't leave the site trashed/destroy property - we just don't want to get kicked out a park for being noisy or having alcohol present. Any ideas or suggestions greatly appreciated and welcome. Thank You!

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    My favorite place to camp is in Ohio and it is free. It is called Recreation Land and it is own by American Electric Power.

    AEP’s ReCreation Land is located in southeast Ohio. You can get there from I70 by going south on 83 exit 169. It is approximately 6 miles South of Cumberland. Alternatively you can come from I77 by taking 78 west exit 25 I believe.

    Recreation Land is a 30,000 acre recreation area with several free primitive camp ground. There is over 350 small lakes and ponds in the area and I hear they are great for fishing. The land is made up reclaimed coal mines. AEP did a great job returning it back to nature. When visiting the area I believe it is required that you carry a permit. Permits can be downloaded from Aep’s website. There are plenty of places to hike, bike, explore and camp. You can camp in any of the 8 primitive camp grounds that have a total of 350 sites. Let me repeat that these campgrounds are very primitive. If you like to mountain bike COMBA has several trails in the area and there are lots of old dirt service roads you can ride on. For hikers a portion of the Buckeye trail runs through the area. Horseback riding an hunting is also permitted. More information can be found here.

    I highly recommend checking this place out.

    It is awesome.

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