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need pattern for Star of Bethlehem quilt?

Pattern could also be called Lone Star, Morning Star, or Star of the East.

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    Keepsake quilting (online and catalog) has a variety...but rather than paying for a pattern I would suggest you go to the library and find a quilting book that has it in there. A few copies (pennies a piece) and voila.

    Chances are, the fabric store you buy fabric at probably has that as well....better yet, a quilt store DEFINATELY would.

    On your own, I'd search online for Lone Star quilting patterns (include 'free' in the search). There are a few sites out there that have free stuff, but it's usually not of high quality.

    Good luck with this pattern, hope you don't swear too much.

    (Note: you probably would have gotten more responses had you posted this under Hobbies and Games)

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    If you go to, you'll find free patterns and directions for Morning Star. Hope this is the one you're looking for!

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