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Where can I find a list of sneaker manufacturers, both domestic(USA) and international?

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    I don't know about this list. Chances are, there are few if any domestic sneaker manufacturers. My company does textile importing from China. In our industry, you must keep your international suppliers very secret. You don't want your competitor getting the same prices you are. It is probably a lost cause to try and find more than a few blips on this information. A friend of mine from Brazil however, said he bought a pair of Nikes on the street in Mexico. The shoes were two different sizes, but he found a little paper with a phone number inside. Apparently, the Chinese factory was producing over Nikes demand and selling the extras at a quarter of USD retail cost to businessman in countries that Nike doesn't market to. I suppose those shoes may have come into Mexico from a Central American country. This Brazilian though started buying containers-full from the factory and importing them to Paraguay. There he would sell them to Brazilian wanting good deals on sneakers. How can Nike not realize this is hurting their market share? Anyway, good luck on that list!

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    Sneaker Manufacturers List

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