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What is the best, and legal, way to increase my metabolism safely, in addition to exercise?

I used to run 20 miles or more per week; now my knees don' t like it, and with profession and family obligations, my exercise time is very limited.

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    1. Make sure you're getting enough sleep. The body burns more calories during sleep than it does during waking hours. Furthermore, over the last few years, studies have shown a correlation between lack of sleep and obesity.

    2. Make sure you're drinking enough water. This will help your body flush out toxins and rid your body of any excess water you may be retaining (seems odd, but once your body gets the message that you won't deprive it of water, it will let go of its excess stores).

    3. Build muscle, a pound of which consumes more calories at rest than a pound of fat does. You can do this in many ways, but I think one of the best (i.e., most efficient) ways to do this is by swimming. It works out just about every muscle in your body and is easy on your joints.

    Good luck!

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    Eat 6-8 mini meals through out the day. If you force your body to be constantly digesting then it will slowly start to increase.

    Make sure that you eat mini meals...

    Park in the end of the parking lot. THere is a great way to add a few steps to your exercise routine. When your watching TV, ride an exercise bike, or walk a treadmill... Take the stairs.

    Skip that morning coffee drink and just try plain at home coffee... that will shave a TON of caleries. Cut out processed sugars and sugary drinks... Drink more water...

    Take up bike riding with your family, its a great family activity and a great way to exercise.

    Remember to do little changes over time they will last longer than a big change right a way... And Good luck

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    well instead of running you could do weight training. building muscle is a good way to increase your metabolism and you burn more calories even when you aren't doing anything

    also, it has been said that drinking green tea does it but no one knows for sure

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    it happens to all. but i recon you can increase your metabolism with control diet and divide your exercise in such a pattern that your body take it. like instead of just running, add yoga in your exercise. that helps a lot.

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    Hot foods are suppose to increase matabolism. Using cayenne pepper and stuff like that the only thing is can your stomach handle it. I have friends that say this works.

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    Go to click on Sports, Fitness & Energy and get some of those, the NRG tea, Herbal Concentrate, and the LiftOff are really great. I LOVE THEM!!!

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    Diet .... and the use of natural unregulated possibly harmful but still legal supliments.

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    it's what you eat



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    dont take any supplements

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