Can I trust my boyfriend while I'm gone?

At the end of June I will be going to Oklahoma to visit my family for almost a week and I am scared to leave my boyfriend for those days. One of the main reasons is because I am scared he will cheat on me.The reason why I am scared is because he cheated once before with one of his g/fs.We have been dating almost 11 months and I don't know if I am being wrong by not trusting him. He says he won't do it again but I think there is always the chance that he might because if he goes to a club and gets drunk he can't control if he kisses another girl.So please help me!

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    If you have to ask this question I would say no-you can't trust him while your gone. You know what they say-once a cheat,always a cheat!!

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    For starters drinking is an excuse for wrong doing. It's not a reason. If he did it to another girl he may or may not do it to you. This trip is going to be a test of your relationship. If he cheats then it was not meant to be.. obviously! Trust is one of the basis for a healthy relationship. Enjoy your trip and try not to let the ideas of mistrust ruin your family time. If he really cares then he won't do anything to jeopardize it. Enjoy your trip.

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    if he cheated on you once there is a chance that he will do it again but there is also a chance that he wont before you leave tell him how much you love him and how you feel about him that way he has it on his conscience and call him every night your gone that way you know where hes at and what hes doing its also best to maybe have a friend check up on him sure you might feel bad but b-leave me you'll feel worst if you found out he cheated.....

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    Well you cant always trust his word but there may be a chance that he tells the truth but what i would do it get a friend to watch him when he goes out may sound wrong but you can learn if you can trust him.

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