need to reset my router ip config, but cant log into

i logged into my web page router thingy, and i messed with the ip config, the mac and the dns and other stuff. As soon as i pressed apply, i could not connect to my web page anymore. how can i connect, or reset the data i have entered? i have a back up settings that i can use to enter it, or upgrade it when everything is in default, but i cant get to the page where it lets me upload the settings file. Please HELP.

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    You need to have your computer on the same subnet as the router.

    The easiest way to do this is to use the reset button on the router (usually held in for 10-30 seconds until all lights flash, then release) to reset to factory default. Next, restart your computer so it will pick up an address from the router. (If you had put a static address on your computer, you will need to temporarily change it to automatic.)

    Once the computer has its address, you can try to connect to again.

    If that still doesn't work, you need to find out what the router thinks it is by finding out the status of your computer. Go to START - RUN and type CMD. click "ok". This will bring up a command window, with a line something like this:

    C:\Documents and Settings\name>

    Type "ipconfig" and press ENTER to display the settings in your computer. You should see 192.168.y.x as the computer address and 192.168.y.1 for the gateway. (NOTE: y should be the same in both places!)

    The gateway address is the address of your router, and that is what you should use to access (even if it isn't

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    look at your network connection details and look at the gateway IP address, this should be the routers IP address. You could reset the router, that way you just need to read the manual you need to check the IP range in use as you may lock out other routers, and or if they networked computers are IP locked. dont forget the log in details for the connection. If your lost, then call in a professional.

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    It sounds like you changed the address of the router. The easiest way would be to reset your router to the initial settings. Your router manual should have instructions on how to do this. The manuals for most popular routers can be found on the router manufactures website ( for example)

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    There's probably a reset button on your router that you need to press and HOLD DOWN for several seconds to fully reset your router to its factory settings.

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  • 1 decade ago

    What brand of router do you have?

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