Why do so many people think The DaVinci Code true even though the book is categorized as a fiction novel?

This book lies about the Catholic church! It says that Jesus & Mary Mag. was married and had a child.Now, I'm not a PERFECT Christian, but I know my faith & I'm strong in it. Also, DaVinci is my FAVORITE artist of all time & it pisses me off that Dan Brown uses HIS beautiful art work to support this garbage. Tell me YOUR opinions on this.I relly want to know!

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    You know it is sad that after all Jesus did for us that this world seeks to makefun and discredit him. I am glad to see people so strong in their faith!

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    The DaVinci Code is a book of fiction. Fiction means its a made up story - it isn't meant to be factual, it is meant to entertain. It is a mystery story, not a history lesson.

    Look up the term "poetic license" - it will help explain to you what Dan Brown is doing. He didn't do anything wrong. He never said his book was truth or historical fact. It is just a novel, like any other novel you might see in a book store. Novels are not factual.

    Keep on enjoying DaVinci's work - you are right, it is beautiful and inspired. It hasn't changed or lost any value because of Dan Brown's book.

    Mystery books or movies that involve a hunt for a treasure, intrigue and danger are very popular, They are fun to read or see. The Indiana Jones movie about the lost ark of the covenant (which is supposed to contain the 10 commandment stone tablets god gave to Moses) contained all kinds of biblical references that are not factual or true, yet they were in the movie. Everyone knew it was fiction, meant to be entertaining.

    Novels and movies are fiction. They are not meant to be factual, they are meant to be entertaining.

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    some of what is written in the DaVinci Code is fact since there are other sources that say jesus had a wife simple if ya ask me.

    second i want to point out there is a group called the Templar Knights and they are a part of the church. plus the Guardian Knights are also a sect of the church that protects the tomb of mary magden(sp). if you want more proof of the DaVinci Code stories you might want to check out some websites on the two groups from the novel. as a fellow member of the Guardian Knights i know there is a holy grail.

    Source(s): world reknown history and culture of the Guardian Knights
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    Most people just can't handle a little questioning of their religion. Most people are so completely gullible that as soon as a story comes that heaps questions on their religion, they either instantly accept what the controversy says, or instantly become defensive.

    If a person's faith in Jesus is strong, then they don't need to even put thought into something that questions it. If a person's faith in Jesus is strong, it should be able accomodate the possability that some people want to think that Jesus was married, it should be able to accomodate the possability that Jesus really was married. Are his miracles and teachings any less impressive if he was? Of course not.

    Old Danny wrote a good book, with interesting characters and a compelling drama. We can't blame him for that, it's what fiction writers do, they write interesting drama. Brown is a fiction writer, it's what God made him for, and so, he writes, without regard to who his work might offend, because to not write what is in his mind and soul, would be to die inside.

    Understand that Dan's work isn't garbage. It's effective as what it was meant to be: fiction. It wasn't meant to be a gospel, so it is no more effective as one as Steven King's "The Stand" is.

    A Christian, at least a true Christian, needs to open their hearts and minds to all possabilities, needs to open themselves to a complete love of all people as Jesus would love them. We cannot instantly become hatefilled and condemn people to hell the instant somebody does or says or believes in something that we don't. That kind of irrational hatred is simply not Christian.

    Some people want to believe Jesus was married, fine. Some people want to believe the Church destroyed thousands of Gospels for political reasons, okay. Some people want to believe that poking needles in dolls will make people convulse and feel pain, no problem.

    As Christians, we need to learn to shrug off these differences and love people because they are other people.

    Would Jesus run around screaming "you bastard, what you say is garbage, what you do is a sin. You will burn in hell!!!" Would Jesus walk in picket lines, protesting and holding up signs? Would Jesus use political power to force a variety of countries to ban a movie or book?

    Honnestly, look into the Bible and ask yourself, What Would Jesus Do?

    Da Vinci was a great artist, Dan Brown is a good writer, Ron Howard is a great director, Jesus is a great Prophet, and YHWH is a good God. See everybody for what they are, shrug off the differences between people, and live a happy and loving life.

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    Well, prove they weren't married. And there were books of the bible that were discluded a couple hundred years after the initial writing, one of them being the Book of Mary because it showed Mary, a woman, as being an equal and this was threatening. Part of the reason was to keep woman submissive and less important.

    But, I don't see how proving that Mary had a child would prove that Jesus was the father. It would prove that Mary had a child only. I only saw the movie, but I was hoping for something a little more definitive.

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    Much of Brown's work was based on research. The book is a fictional story with researched fact involved. As far as the content and what is exactly true from the time of Jesus, only God knows and it leaves us to speculate. That is why it is what we believe and not what we know. I would take the book and the movie as what it is, fictional entertainment with points to ponder but not to get too bent out of shape over.

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    Brown used the truth about the catholic churches sins, lies, and perversions, as well as the truth about davinci being a pagan, to establish some credibility for himself. Some people believe that since he was right about those parts, that he must be right about the rest. He isn't.

    This I believe; http://homelessheart.com/testimony.htm

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    In the end, people believe what they want to believe. Consider a court case. Both sides have the right to present evidence, to examine and cross witnesses, and to present experts. Now, what happens when expert testimony contradicts? That's right, one might as well flip a coin if circumstantial evidence and key witnesses fail to shed light on the case. It's the same with religion, or anything else. People believe what they choose, and sometimes in direct contrast to evidence to the contrary.

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    Dan Brown's intent from the very beginning was to challenge people's beliefs and to profit from their ignorance. Many critics have called him on this, and for him to say that "it's just a work of fiction" is an attempt to brush off his true intents.

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    People love to "read between the lines". And we all know that anything can come from doing that very thing. Plus people love the notion that there is more to something than there may be. It is just human nature. The unquenchable thirst for knowledge or something to believe in.

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    What are you asking is there any reality in it? Errrr NO, that's a artwork OF FICTION & diverse the suggestions were stolen from a previous e book, affirming an similar " plucked out of skinny air " suggestions!

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