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can anyone to tell me how to use SPE technique for organochlorine pesticides?

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    A rapid, multiresidue solid-phase extraction (SPE) technique for determination of organochlorine pesticide and polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) residues in nonfatty fish was modified for use with fatty fish. In the modified procedures, samples are extracted with acetonitrile, and the extract is cleaned up with both C18 and Florisil SPE columns. Residues are determined by gas chromatography with electron capture detection. The original method was modified for use with fatty fish by reducing the amount of tissue extracted and by using an improved Florisil SPE cleanup. Recovery data are presented for 24 fortified organochlorine pesticide residues (0.12 ppm) and 3 fortified PCB residues (0.80 ppm) from flounder, bluefish, and shad samples, which contained 0.8, 5.4, and 22.6% fat, respectively. For the 3 types of fish, recoveries of 23 of 24 fortified organochlorine pesticide residues ranged from 55 to 129%, and recoveries of 3 fortified PCB residues ranged from 55 to 104%. There were no significant differences in recovery based on fish species and/or fat content for the majority of residues studied. This SPE method and the official AOAC method yielded comparable results for fish containing incurred organochlorine residues.

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