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Do snakes have butts?

I've never seen a butt on a snake!!!!!!!

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    no snakes do not have butts but they do have a anus (what goes in must come out) its located on there underside a few inches from behind the tip of there tail. now do you have any real questions to ask?

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      do you have any real questions to answer?

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    Snakes used to have legs and evolved and lost them. Some snakes such as the boa constrictor still have "spurs" or what is left of the legs. These are two little numbs that appear on either side of a 'pelvic' bone. It is here, just above the tail, that the snake has it's cloaca or vent. This is where it defecates, sexually does it's thing and gives birth or lays eggs from. Snakes aren't just a head and a tail. They have a body. The tail is technically what follows the pelvic region.

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    YES, snakes have butts. I'm partly just saying this cause everyone else said no. But if you think about it, there is probably some area of flesh around the snakes anal opening that feels to the snake pretty much like what our butt feels like. So it's a butt!

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    Do Snakes Have A Butt

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    There has not been one single case in recorded history of a snake mooning anyone. The answer is no.

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    No snakes don't have butts, just like you don't have a job.

    just kidding

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    NOOOOOOOOO.....you have to have legs to have a butt. Or at least the suggestion of legs.

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    they bhave mouths and teeth, and they have anal pores. They also have many of the internal organs that come between.

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    No, but they have a hole/slit that their waste comes out.

    Source(s): Studied snake anatomy for an art project.
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