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anyone from ohio.please tell abt ohio?

hey i had seen lot of programs on ohio please tell details about ohios function where people go crazy

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    Ohio is home to many great sites. I have been living in Ohio for 8 yeras and some of the highlights for me are as follows.

    The world's largest concentration of Amish in Holmes County.

    My favorite city in Ohio- Columbus- love German Village. COSI, the botanical gardens and zoo.

    Favorite town in Ohio- Yellow Springs- very arty and laid back kind of town. Anyone who is in Ohio and hasn't visited really needs to check it out.

    Favorite Natural area- Hocking Hills- home to a multitude of caves and waterfalls. The scenery is incredible.

    People do go crazy at many Ohio functions. People go crazy during the Football Hall of Fame weekend in Canton, at the Moonshine Festival in New Straitsville Ohio. And the various Pentecostal churches throughout our lovely state.

    Check out Ohio. It is great.

  • I lived there for a few years although I've moved since. What part of Ohio are you interested in? I would suggest visiting this website

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    I've beem to Ohio numerous time. We take long weekends to Put-In-Bay and my mother-in-law lives in Dayton but what do you want to know?

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    I'm from Ohio, but what exactly do you want to know? There's alot to tell.

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    I'm not from there but I've been there; the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame kicks *** :)

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