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What careers are available for someone who has a degree in animal science?

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    The possibilities are endless.

    Agricultural Educator

    • Agricultural/University Extension


    • Animal Geneticist

    • Animal Pathologist

    • Animal Sciences College Professor

    • Clinical Laboratory Technologist for


    • Consultant for Nutritional Programs

    • Dentistry

    • Embryo Transfer Technician

    • Environmental Risk Manager

    • Environmental Technician

    • Extension Agent for 4-H

    • Food Scientist

    • Human Medicine

    • Laboratory Research Scientist

    • Quality Assurance

    • Research and Development with Food


    • Veterinarian

    • Wildlife Biologist

    Animal Feed Retailer

    • Animal Shelter Manager

    • Breed Association Representative

    • Commercial Livestock Buyer/


    • County/State Extension Agents/


    • Director of Equine Training and


    • Feed Mill Processing Manager

    • Feedlot Manager

    • Guide Dogs for the Blind, Inc.

    Licensed Instructor

    • Large Animal Trainer

    • Seedstock Producer

    • Sire Analyst/Sire Program Consultant

    • USDA Meat Inspector

    Advertising and Promotion

    • Banker/Loan Offi cer

    • Chemical Sales Representative

    • Communications/Writing for Agricultural


    • Farm Consultant

    • Farm Manager

    • Feed Sales Representative

    • Finance

    • Government/Regulatory Agencies

    • Grain Buyer

    • Human Resource Manager

    • Insurance Agent/Broker for Farms

    • International Opportunities

    • Law

    • Lobbyist

    • Marketing

    • Pharmaceutical, Feed, Packing or

    Other Sales Representative

    • Public Relations

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    extension office specialist, lab research, nutrition specialist, animal care manager, practical vet tech, vet assistant, writer for animal magazines, animal photographer, outdoor education leader/teacher, wildlife rehabilitation worker, farm manager

    Source(s): have degree in animal sciences
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