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R-Man asked in Arts & HumanitiesHistory · 1 decade ago

Why was Frank James (The James Gang) pardoned of his crimes, while Cole Younger and his brothers were not?

The Youngers were members of The James Gang, but spent around 20 years in prison, rather than being pardoned. Frank James, a leader of the gang who had been an officer in Quantrells Raiders was pardoned. Why was he pardoned but they were not??

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    1 decade ago
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    You have it backwards. Bob Younger died in prison. Cole and Jim Younger were pardoned in 1901, but Jim could not cope and shot himself the next year. He was 54. Cole lived until 1916, when he died at age 72. Frank James was not pardoned. He was tried and found not guilty. There was a lot of positive sentiment for Frank.

    By 1882 Frank James was thirty-nine and at least semi-retired from banditry. The murder of Jesse convinced him that if he was going to reach forty, he had better make peace with the law. Therefore, with Edwards serving as his intermediary, he surrendered to Crittenden at Jefferson City on October 5, 1882 twice, once at Gallatin, MO and again at Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Frank stood trial for his alleged crimes, and each time a sympathetic jury acquitted him for lack of convincing evidence. It never was proven in a strictly legal sense that the James boys ever committed so much as a single robbery!

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