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Why snoring occurs? how to avoid?

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    There are several causes of snoring. Knowing the causes of snoring may not be any comfort at all to those who are getting little quality sleep because someone snores, but it may help to determine what can be done about the problem.

    The most common of the causes of snoring is the vibration of the soft tissue at the top of the throat. Typically, the uvula or the skin at the back of the pallet are the skin tissues that catch the air when a person is breathing in. The abrupt intake of breath against that flabby skin is the vibration commonly referred to as a snore. That's why having someone turn over is sometimes enough to change the way the skin lies and to end the snoring episode.

    If this is the most common of the causes of snoring, and since everyone has a uvula and everyone breathes in, why is it that not everyone snores? And why is it that some people only snore occasionally?

    Sometimes, the causes of snoring are not just because of those pesky folds of skin but are evidence of some other, deeper problems. For example, a person with a cold or nasal congestion may snore loudly even though they typically don't snore at all.

    When a person lies down, the airways become slightly more constricted than when the person is upright. These constricted airways, in conjunction with the air pressure against the uvula and tissue at the throat, are another of the causes of snoring.

    If you want to know more about the causes of snoring, you might want to check out the "snoring IQ" on the Breathe Right website at

    There are a number of other factors that can become causes of snoring, including obesity. Overweight people are more likely to snore because airways are more constricted. By the same token, any other genetic factors that lessen the amount of space a person has to breathe freely can be one of the causes of snoring. Receding chins and larger-than-normal tongues are among those listed by Breathe Right.

    You can't change the genetic factors that are causes of snoring, but you can avoid some snoring "triggers" such as alcohol to decrease the amount and severity of your snoring. You can also maintain a proper weight, eat right and take part in a regular exercise routine

    Snoring Cure would help the whole family!

    Finding a snoring cure, when a family member is a habitual snorer, is top priority for the family who has to listen to your snoring. Snoring cures, depending on what causes the snoring, can be tricky and even with surgery, snoring improves but is not completely eliminated. No one would never have thought how large of a problem snoring really is, but with over 300 devices patented today as a snoring cure, the problem is obviously a big one. For soft or light snorers, there are many non-surgical treatments that work very well. You may want to try dental devices which reposition the jaw, a moulded pillow to aid in sleep position, a throat spray used to lubricate the throat or a nasal mask. These various treatments and devices can be very effective but are not considered a snoring cure.

    For the heavy duty snorer, it can be extremely difficult to deal with it. So finding a snore cure is tops on the list of things to do. It is possible that excess tissue has built up in the throat and may need to be removed surgically. There are many different procedures available and surgery can be performed on the nasal, palatal, tongue or neck depending on which tissues are mostly affected. Surgery is usually performed in one to five treatments to slowly shrink the excess soft palate. Some surgery is performed under local freezing while others require a general anesthetic in a hospital. A full 85% of patients report a 75% to 100% reduction in snoring. With 97% patient satisfaction, surgery may be your best bet for a snoring cure.

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    It occurs sometimes when you are really tired or when you sleep on your back or another reason you might snore is because you sleep with your mouth open. To avoid this you might try sleeping on your side and maybe try sleeping on your stomach. Or try to make sure that you do not overwork yourself and get adequate sleep. Also In some cases I have heard that person may snore because he/she does not have a companion sharing the bed with them. So if that is the case then try and find you someone that you can share your bed with. I make my husband sleep on his stomach when he starts to snore that helps.

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    Hehehe you are not going to believe this but it actually works. Wait for him to start snoring and then very gently stroke his cheek a few times. I have no idea how this works but it does. Maybe its something to do with being mothered when a baby at a guess and it sticks in the mind for life. Don't take my word for it ... TRY IT ... then come back and give me the best answer. Yes I'm being cheeky but you will be just amazed that this works.

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    Lots of reasons - clogged nose, sinus problems, wrong sleeping position wherein the air passage is constricted, heart problem, constricted air passage due to obesity.

    How to avoid - make sure your head isn't too high when you sleep. Try sleeping on your side too. If snoring persists, see your doctor. You might have a heart problem or something.

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    your nostrils and the tissues inside your nose close up a little bit.. that causes snoring...

    ive read the healthy diet and exercise can prevent it.

    also sleeping in certain ways also makes u snore..

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