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what famous people were born in June?

Holidays in June

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    June 1, 1801- Brigham Young, Mormon religious leader

    June 1, 1926- Andy Griffith, actor

    June 1, 1926- Marilyn Monroe, actress

    June 1, 1934- Pat Boone, singer

    June 1, 1937- Morgan Freeman, actor

    June 1, 1947- Ron Wood, musician, member of the "Rolling Stones"

    June 1, 1974- Alanis Morisette, singer

    June 2, 1904- Johnny Weissmuller, Olympic champion swimmer, actor "Tarzan"

    June 2, 1930- Pete Conrad, astronaut

    June 2, 1941- Stacy Keach, actor

    June 2, 1948- Jerry Mathers, actor "Beaver" on "Leave it to Beaver"

    June 2, 1955- Dana Carvey, SNL, "Wayne's World"

    June 3, 1808- Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States of America

    June 3, 1865- King George V, of England

    June 3, 1925- Tony Curtis, actor

    June 3, 1926- Allen Ginsberg, poet

    June 3, 1942- Curtis Mayfield, singer, songwriter

    June 4, 1738- King George III, king of England during the American Revolution

    June 4, 1924- Dennis Weaver, actor

    June 4, 1944- Michelle Phillips, singer, member of the "Mamas and the Papas"

    June 4, 1952- Parker Stevenson, actor

    June 4, 1971- Noah Wyle, actor "Carter" on TV series "ER"

    June 4, 1975- Angelina Jolie, actress

    June 5, 1878- Francisco "Pancho" Villa, Mexican revolutionary

    June 5, 1883- John Maynard Keynes, economist

    June 5, 1934- Bill Moyers, TV journalist

    June 5, 1956- Kenny G, musician

    June 6, 1755- Nathan Hale, Revolutionary War patriot

    June 6, 1799- Alexander Pushkin, poet

    June 6, 1935- The Dalai Lama, Tibetan spiritual leader

    June 6, 1939- Marian Wright Edelman, children's rights activist

    June 6, 1956- Bjorn Borg, tennis champion

    June 7, 1848- Paul Gauguin, painter

    June 7, 1922- Rocky Graziano, boxing champion

    June 7, 1940- Tom Jones, singer

    June 7, 1952- Liam Neeson, actor

    June 7, 1958- "Prince", singer

    June 8, 1867- Frank Lloyd Wright, architect

    June 8, 1916- Francis Crick, biologist, biochemist, co-discovered of the structure of DNA

    June 8, 1917- Byron R. White, Supreme Court justice

    June 8, 1925- Barbara Bush, First Lady of the United States

    June 8, 1929- Jerry Stiller, comedian, actor

    June 8, 1936- James Darren, singer, actor

    June 8, 1937- Joan Rivers, comedian

    June 8, 1944- Boz Scaggs, rock singer

    June 8, 1957- Scott Adams, cartoonist, created "Dilbert"

    June 8, 1966- Julianna Margulies, actress

    June 9, 1781- George Stephenson, invented the steam locomotive

    June 9, 1893- Cole Porter, composer, lyricist

    June 9, 1908- Robert Cummings, actor

    June 9, 1940- Dick Vitale, sportscaster

    June 9, 1961- Michael J. Fox, actor, "Back to the Future"

    June 9, 1963- Johnny Depp, actor

    June 9, 1981- Natalie Portman, "Queen Amidala" in "Star Wars"

    June 10, 1901- Frederick Loewe, composer

    June 10, 1922- Judy Garland, singer, actress "The Wizard of Oz"

    June 10, 1982- Tara Lipinski, Olympic champion figure skater

    June 11, 1864- Richard Strauss, composer, musician, conductor

    June 11, 1880- Jeannette Rankin, first woman elected to Congress

    June 11, 1910- Jacques Cousteau, undersea explorer, writer, filmmaker

    June 11, 1913- Vince Lombardi, football coach

    June 11, 1935- Gene Wilder, actor, director

    June 11, 1936- Chad Everett, actor

    June 11, 1956- Joe Montana, NFL quarterback

    June 12, 1915- David Rockefeller, banker

    June 12, 1924- George Bush, 41st U.S. President (1989-1993)

    June 12, 1928- Vic Damone, singer

    June 12, 1929- Anne Frank, Holocaust survivor, wrote diary of her experience

    June 12, 1933 -Jim Nabors, actor, singer

    June 12, 1943- Marv Albert, sportscaster

    June 13, 1893 -Dorothy L. Sayers, mystery writer

    June 13, 1943- Malcolm McDowell, actor

    June 13, 1951- Richard Thomas, actor

    June 13, 1953- Tim Allen, comedian, movie and television actor, TV series "Home Improvement"

    June 13, 1986- Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen twins, actresses

    June 14, 1811- Harriet Beecher Stowe, author, abolitionist

    June 14, 1864- Alois Alzheimer, psychiatrist, pathologist

    June 14, 1909- Burl Ives, singer, actor

    June 14, 1919- Gene Barry, actor

    June 14, 1946- Donald Trump, real estate executive, TV personality "The Donald"

    June 14, 1961- Boy George, singer

    June 14, 1969- Steffi Graf, tennis champion

    June 15, 1932- Mario Cuomo, NY governor

    June 15, 1937- Waylon Jennings, country singer

    June 15, 1954- Jim Belushi, actor, brother of John Belushi

    June 15, 1958- Wade Boggs, MLB slugger

    June 15, 1963- Helen Hunt, actress (Los Angeles, CA)

    June 15, 1964- Courtney Cox, actress "Friends"

    June 15, 1969- Ice Cube, rapper

    June 16, 1890- Stan Laurel, comedian, "Laurel & Hardy" duo

    June 16, 1917- Katharine Graham, newspaper publisher (New York, NY)

    June 16, 1943- Joan Van Ark, actress , "Val" on TV series "Knots Landing"

    June 16, 1951- Roberto Duran, boxing champion

    June 17, 1917- Dean Martin, actor, singer

    June 17, 1943- Newt Gingrich, Speaker of the House

    June 17, 1946- Barry Manilow, singer

    June 17, 1948- Phylicia Rashad, actress

    June 17, 1951- Joe Piscopo, comedian , actor, SNL

    June 17, 1965- Dan Jansen, Olympic champion speed skater

    June 17, 1980- Venus Williams, tennis player

    June 18, 1886 George Mallory, mountain climber, explorer

    June 18, 1908- Bud Collyer, Game show host for "ToTell the Truth"

    June 18, 1942- Roger Ebert, film critic, "Siskel & Ebert"

    June 18, 1942- Paul McCartney, singer, songwriter, musician, "The Beatles"

    June 18, 1952- Carol Kane, actress

    June 19, 1623- Blaise Pascal, philosopher, physicist

    June 19, 1897- Moe Howard, comedian, actor, "Moe" of the "Three Stooges"

    June 19, 1902- Guy Lombardo, bandleader

    June 19, 1903- Lou Gehrig, baseball player

    June 19, 1947- Salman Rushdie, author "The Satanic Verses"

    June 19, 1954- Kathleen Turner, actress

    June 19, 1962- Paula Abdul, dancer, choreographer, "American Idol" judge

    June 20, 1909- Erol Flynn, Actor

    June 20, 1924 Chet Atkins, guitarist

    June 20, 1924- Audie Murphy, actor, WWII hero

    June 20, 1931- Olympia Dukakis, actress

    June 20, 1933- Danny Aiello, actor

    June 20, 1934- Martin Landau, actor

    June 20, 1942- Brian Wilson, singer, songwriter, member of the "Beach Boys"

    June 20, 1945- Anne Murray, singer

    June 20, 1946- Bob Vila, TV handyman show

    June 20, 1950- Lionel Richie, singer

    June 20, 1952- John Goodman, actor

    June 20, 1953- Cyndi Lauper, singer

    June 20, 1967- Nicole Kidman, actress

    June 21, 1731- Martha Washington, the very first First Lady of the United States

    June 21, 1905- Jean-Paul Sartre, philosopher, novelist, playwright

    June 21, 1912- Mary McCarthy, novelist

    June 21, 1921- Jane Russell, actress

    June 21, 1925- Maureen Stapleton, actress

    June 21, 1947- Meredith Baxter, actress

    June 21, 1947- Michael Gross, actor

    June 22, 1903- John Dillinger, bank robber

    June 22, 1922- Bill Blass, fashion designer

    June 22, 1929- Ralph Waite, actor

    June 22, 1936- Kris Kristofferson, singer, actor

    June 22, 1941- Ed Bradley, TV journalist

    June 22, 1949- Meryl Streep, actress

    June 22, 1949- Lindsay Wagner, actress

    June 23, 1929- June Carter Cash, country singer

    June 23, 1948- Clarence Thomas, Supreme Court justice

    June 24, 1895- Jack Dempsey, boxing champion

    June 24, 1942- Mick Fleetwood, musician, member of Fleetwood Mac

    June 24, 1942- Michele Lee, actress

    June 24, 1945- George Pataki, NY Governor

    June 24, 1946- Ellison Onizuka, astronaut, died in Challenger Space Shuttle explosion

    June 24, 1967- Sherry Stringfield, actress (Colorado Springs, CO)

    June 25, 1874- Rose O'Neill, created Kewpie Dolls

    June 25, 1903- George Orwell, novelist

    June 25, 1925- June Lockhart, actress

    June 25, 1945- Carly Simon, singer

    June 25, 1948- Jimmie Walker, actor, comedian

    June 26, 1819- Abner Doubleday, invented the game of baseball

    June 26, 1892- Pearl S. Buck, novelist

    June 26, 1910- Roy Plunkett, invented Teflon

    June 26, 1963- George Michael, singer

    June 26, 1970- Chris O'Donnell, actor

    June 27, 1880- Helen Keller, blind author, lecturer

    June 27, 1927- Bob Keeshan, children's TV- "Captain Kangaroo"

    June 27, 1930- H. Ross Perot, entrepreneur, presidential candidate

    June 27, 1951- Julia Duffy, actress

    June 28, 1712- Jean-Jacques Rousseau, philosopher

    June 28, 1902- Richard Rodgers, music composer, "Rogers and Hammerstein"

    June 28, 1926- Mel Brooks, actor, director

    June 28, 1932- Pat Morita, actor

    June 28, 1946 -Bruce Davison, actor

    June 28, 1960- John Elway, NFL quarterback , Denver Broncos

    June 28, 1966- John Cusack, actor

    June 29, 1858- George W. Goethals, chief engineer fore the Panama Canal

    June 29, 1941- Stokely Carmichael, militant civil rights activist

    June 29, 1944- Gary Busey, actor

    June 29, 1947- Richard Lewis, comedian, actor

    June 29, 1962- Sharon Lawrence, actress

    June 30, 1917- Susan Hayward, actress

    June 30, 1917- Lena Horne, actress, singer

    June 30, 1966- Mike Tyson, boxing champion


    June 1st

    1974: Alanis Morissette [Canadian singer, songwriter]

    1969: Damon Minchella [bass, Ocean Colour Scene

    1968: Jason Donovan (Australian singer, actor)

    1967: Roger Sanchez [DJ, producer]

    1963: Mike Joyce (drums, Smiths)

    1960: Simon Gallup (bass, The Cure)

    1959: Alan Wilder (keyboards, vocals, Depeche Mode)

    1958: Barry Adamson [bassist, Magazine, The Bad Seeds, Pan Sonic]

    1953: Ronnie Dunn (guitar, country singer-songwriter duo, Brooks & Dunn)

    1952: John Ellis [guitarist, Vibrators]

    1950: Graham Russell (guitar, vocals, Air Supply)

    1950: "Charlene" Marilynn D'Angelo [US singer]

    1950: Tom Robinson [singer, songwriter, Cafe Society]

    1947: Ron Wood (guitar, Jeff Beck Group, Faces, Rolling Stones)

    1934: Pat Boone (US Singer)

    1921: Nelson Riddle (orchestra leader)

    June 2nd

    1980: Fabrizio Moreti [drummer, The Strokes]

    1976: Tim Rice-Oxley [piano, vocals, Keane]

    1970: Louis Freeze [Rapper, B- Real, Cypress Hill]

    1970: Dominic Greensmith [drums, Reef]

    1965: Jeremy Cunningham [bass, Levellers]

    1962: Thor Eldon Jonsson (guitar, The Sugarcubes)

    1960: Tony Hadley (vocals, Spandau Ballet)

    1959: Michael Steele [bass, vocals, Bangles]

    1950: Antone 'Chubby' Tavares [lead singer, Tavares]

    1949: Lionel Richie (US singer, songwriter, composer)

    1944: Marvin Hamlisch [pianist, composer

    1941: Charlie Watts (drums, Rolling Stones)

    1941: William Guest (lead singer, Gladys Knight and the Pips)

    1937: Jimmy Jones (US singer)

    1936: Otis Williams [singer, Charms]

    1924: Maurice Kinn [launched The New Musical Express in 1953]

    June 3rd

    1974: Kelly Jones [vocals, guitar, Stereophonics]

    1971: Ariel Hernandez (vocals, No Mercy)

    1971: Gabriel Hernandez (vocals, No Mercy)

    1968: Samantha Sprackling [vocals, Republica]

    1964: Kerry King [guitar, Slayer]

    1962: David Cole [vocals, rapper, C +C Music Factory]

    1956: Danny Wilde [singer, songwriter, Great Buildings, The Rembrandts]

    1954: Dan Hill [biracial Canadian singer and songwriter]

    1952: Billy Powell (keyboards, Lynyrd Skynyrd)

    1951: Deniece Williams [US singer]

    1950: Suzi Quatro (bassist/singer)

    1950: Florian Pilkington-Miksa [drums, Curved Air]

    1947: Dave Alexander [bass player, Stooges]

    1947: Mickey Finn [percussion, T Rex]

    1946: John Paul Jones [bass, keyboards, producer, Led Zeppelin]

    1946: Ian Hunter (vocals, guitar, Mott the Hoople)

    1944: Michael Clarke (drummer, The Flying Burrito Brothers, Byrds)

    1942: Curtis Mayfield (US singer, songwriter, Impressions)

    June 4th

    1974: Stefan Lessard (bass, Dave Matthews Band)

    1964: Chris Kavanagh [drums, Sigue Sigu Sputnik, Big Audio Dynamite

    1962: Winard Harper [drummer, Winard Harper Quintet, session]

    1962: Steve Grimes (rhythm guitarist, The Farm)

    1961: Eldra Patrick "El" DeBarge [vocals, hip hop, Debarge]

    1958: Selwyn Brown (vocals, keyboards- Steel Pulse)

    1952: Jimmy McCulloch (guitarist, Thunderclap Newman)

    1945: Gordon [Trueman Riviere] Waller (guitar, vocals, Dou Peter and Gordon)

    1944: Roger Ball (sax, Average White Band)

    1944: Michelle Phillips (Mamas and Papas)

    1940: Cliff Bennett (UK singer, Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers)

    1937: Freddy Fender/Baldemar Huerta [singer,guitar,Los Super Seven/Texas Tornados]

    June 5th

    1981: Sebastien Lefebvre (rhythm guitar, Simple Plan)

    1974: Aaron "P-Nut" Wills (bassist, 311)

    1974: Dominic Chad [lead guitarist, backing vocals, Mansun]

    1971: Mark Wahlberg aka Marky Mark (New Kids on the Block)

    1970: Claus Norreen [member of Danish-Norwegian pop group Aqua]

    1969: Brian McKnight [US singer]

    1965: Stefan Schnfeldt [bass, Wannadies]

    1964: 'Mags' Maggie Dunne (vocals, guitar, Fuzzbox)

    1969: Brian McKnight [singer, songwriter, piano, guitar, and trumpet]

    1956: Richard Butler (vocals, Psychedelic Furs)

    1956: Kenny G/Kenneth Gorelick [soprano saxophone, multi-reed player, Solo/Session/Guest]

    1954: Nicko McBrain (drums, Iron Maiden)

    1948: Frank Eslersmith [keyboards, Air Supply]

    1947: Tom Evans [bass, vocals, Badfinger]

    1947: Laurie Anderson [US singer]

    1946: Freddie Stone (guitar, Sly & The Family Stone)

    1941: Floyd Butler [vocalist, Friends Of Distinction]

    1925: Bill Hayes (actor, singer)

    1876: Tony Jackson (jazz pianist)

    June 6th

    1970: James Shaffer (guitar, Korn)

    1966: Gary Newby (guitar, Railway Children)

    1965: David White (guitarist, vocalist, Brother Beyond)

    1961: Tom Araya (vocals, bass, Slayer)

    1961: D.C. Lee (singer, Wham! Style Council)

    1960: Steve Vai (guitarist, Frank Zappa, David Lee Roth, Whitesnake)

    1959: Robert Hodgens (guitar, vocals, Bluebells)

    1955: Michael Wallace (keyboards, Third World)

    1944: Clarence White (guitar, The Byrds)

    1944: Peter Albin (bassist, Big Brother & the Holding Company)

    1944: Edgar Ffoese [keyboards, guitar, Tangerine Dream]

    1942: Howie Kane [Jay and the Americans]

    1939: Gary "U.S." Bonds (US singer)

    1936: Levi Stubbs (vocals, Four Tops)

    June 7th

    1985: Charlie Simpson [guitar, vocals, Busted]

    1974: T-Low (hip-hop, Next)

    1969: Liam Tyson [guitarist, Cast]

    1967: Dave Navarro (guitarist, Red Hot Chili Peppers)

    1966: Eric Kretz (drums, Stone Temple Pilots)

    1964: Ecstacy/ John Fletcher (member of the hip-hop group Whodini)

    1958: Prince / Prince Rogers Nelson [US singer, guitarist, songwriter]

    1957: Paddy McAloon [guitar, vocals, Prefab Sprout]

    1940: Tom Jones [UK singer]

    1917: Dean Martin [US actor, singer]

    June 8th

    1985: Jamie Shaw [vocals, One True Voice]

    1981: Alex Band (The Calling)

    1971: Jef Streatfield [guitar, Wildhearts]

    1977: Kayne West [US rapper, producer]

    1970: Nichole 'Nicci' Gilbert (singer, Brownstone)

    1967: Neil Mitchell [keyboards, Wet Wet Wet]

    1966: Doris Pearson [singer, 5 Star]

    1965: Rob Pilatus [vocals, Milli Vanilli]

    1962: Nick Rhodes (keyboards, Duran Duran)

    1960: Mick Hucknall (singer, songwriter, Simply Red)

    1953: Bonnie Tyler [singer]

    1953: Jeff Rich [drums, Status Quo]

    1947: Mick Box [guitar, Uriah Heep]

    1944: Boz Scaggs [US singer]

    1942: Chuck Negron (vocals, Three Dog Knight)

    1941: Clarence Haskins [Funkadelic]

    1940: Nancy Sinatra [US singer, Frank's daughter]

    1940: Sherman Garnes [bassman,Frankie Lymon And Teenagers]

    June 9th

    1970: Ed Simons [keyboards, Chemical Brothers]

    1978: Matthew Bellamy [guitar, vocals, keyboards: Muse]

    1967: Dean Felber (bassist, Hootie & The Blowfish)

    1967: Dean Dinning (bassist, Toad The Wet Sprocket)

    1962: Eddie Lundon [guitar, China Crisis]

    1954: Peter Byrne [singer, songwriter]

    1953: Errol Kennedy [vocals, Imagination]

    1951: Terry Uttley [bass/vocals, Smokie]

    1950: Trevor Bolder [bass, Spiders From Mars/ Uriah Heep]

    1949: George Bunnell [bass, rhythm guitar, song writer, Strawberry Alarm Clock]

    1949: Francis Monkman [keyboards, guitar, Curved Air]

    1947: Mitch Mitchell [drums, Jimi Hendrix Experience]

    1946: Stuart Edwards [guitarist, Edison Lighthouse]

    1941: Jon Lord (keyboards, Deep Purple)

    1941: Billy Hatton [bassist, Fourmost]

    1934: Jackie Wilson [US soul singer, Dexy's Midnight Runners]

    1929: Johnny Ace [R&B singer]

    1915: Les Paul [quitarist, inventor of the Gibson Les Paul guitar]

    1891: Cole Porter [singer, composer]

    June 10th

    1973: Faith Evans [US female singer]

    1973: Lemisha Grinstead (vocals, female band 702)

    1971: Jo-Jo/Joel Henry Hailey (R&B/soul singer, songwriter, duo K-Ci & JoJo)

    1969: Dan Lavery (bassist, Tonic)

    1967: Darren Robinson/Human Beat Box/DJ Doctor Nice [Rapper, Fat Boys]

    1964: Emma Anderson [guitar, Lush]

    1964: James Joseph "Jimmy" Chamberlin [drums, Smashing Pumpkins]

    1961: Maxi Priest/ Max Alfred Elliott (R&B,reggae singer)

    1961: Mark Shaw [vocals, Then Jerico]

    1961: Kim Deal [bass guitar, vocals, Pixies]

    1944: Rick Price [singer, songwriters, Move/ Wizzard/ELO]

    1941: Shirley Alston (vocals, The Shirelles)

    1922: Judy Garland [singer, actress]

    1910: Howlin Wolf [Blues singer, guitarist]

    June 11th

    1965: Joey Santiago (guitarist, The Pixies)

    1961: Kelley Deal (guitar, The Breeders)

    1961: Kim Deal (vocals, bassist, The Breeders)

    1961: Robert Birch [vocals, Stereo MC's]

    1960: Nick Hallam [Stereo MC's, DJ, producer, co founder of Gee Str't Records]

    1952: Donnie Van Zandt (founder and front man of 38 Special)

    1951: Lynsey De Paul [UK singer, Ivor Novello song-writing award winner]

    1949: Frank Beard (drums, ZZ Top)

    1948: Alan Skipper [drums, Pretty Things]

    1947: Glenn Leonard [vocals, Temptations]

    1946: John Lawton [singer, Lucifer's Friend / Uriah Heep]

    1940: Joseph DiNicola [leader of Joey and the Starlighters]

    June 12th

    1979: Robyn / Robyn Carlsson [Swedish singer]

    1977: Kenny Wayne Shepherd [guitarist, American Blues musician]

    1969: Bardi Martin (bassist, Candlebox / The Band)

    1968: Bobby Sheeman (bassist, Blues Traveler)

    1962: DJ Drew "Grandmaster Dee" Carter (rapper, Whodini)

    1960: Michael Hausman (percussionist, 'Til Tuesday, founder of the independent music collective United Musicians)

    1959: John Linnell (guitarist, They Might Be Giants)

    1953: Rocky Burnette [US singer]

    1952: Pete Fardon [bass player, Pretenders]

    1951: Brad Delp (guitar, keyboard, vocals, Boston/Beatlejuice)

    1951: Bun E. Carlos (drums, Cheap Trick)

    1948: Barry Bailey [guitarist, Atlanta Rhythm Section]

    1944: Harold Cowart [trumpet, bassist, John Fred & His Playboy Band, sessionist]

    1943: Reg Presley [singer songwriter, The Troggs]

    1941: Roy Harper [UK folk singer, songwriter]

    1941: Chick Corea [jazz musician, pianist/keyboardist and composer.]

    1928: Vic Damone [US singer]

    June 13th

    1985: Raz-B (multi-genre singer, B2K)

    1981: Kym Marsh [vocals, Hear'Say]

    1976: Jason Brown [vocals, Five]

    1970: Rivers Cuomo (guitar, singer, songwriter, Avant Garde/ Weezer/ solo)

    1969: Soren Rasted (multi-musician, Aqua/ Lazyboy)

    1968: David Gray [UK singer, songwriter]

    1968: Deniece Pearson [vocals, 5 Star]

    1963: Paul De Lisle (bassist, Smash Mouth)

    1957: Rolf Brendel [drummer, songwriter, Nena]

    1951: Howard Leese [guitar, keyboards, synthesizer, Heart]

    1949: Dennis Locorriere (guitar, Dr. Hook)

    1943: Esther Ofarim [Israelian singer]

    1940: Bobby Freeman [African-American soul singer]

    June 14th

    1983: Siobhan Donaghy [vocals, The Sugababes]

    1971: Billie Myers [UK female singer]

    1966: MC Ren/ Lorenzo Jerald Patterson (rapper, NWA, hop-hop producer)

    1963: Chris DeGarmo (lead and rhythm guitarist, Queensryche)

    1961: Boy George (singer, Culture Club/ solo)

    1958: Nick Van Ede [singer, Cutting Crew]

    1949: Jim Lea [bass, piano, violin, Slade]

    1949: Alan White (drummer, Plastic Ono Band/ Yes)

    1945: Rod Argent (keyboards, The Zombies)

    1936: Renaldo "Obie" Benson (vocals, The Four Tops)

    June 15th

    1985: Nadine Coyle [singer, Girls Aloud]

    1981: Billy Martin [guitarist, Good Charlotte]

    1976: Dryden Mitchell (lead singer, Alien Ant Farm)

    1969: Ice Cube [singer, actor]

    1966: Michael Britt (guitar, Lonestar)

    1963: Scott Rockenfield (drummer, Queensryche)

    1956: David Hinds [rhythm guitar, vocalist, Steel Pulse]

    1951: Steve Walsh (singer, song-writer, Kansas)

    1950: James Smith (vocals, The Stylistics)

    1949: Russell Hitchcock (Australian lead vocalist of Air Supply)

    1947: Demis Roussos [vocals, Greek singer]

    1946: Noddy Holder [guitar, vocals, Slade]

    1943: Johnny Halliday/Jean-Philippe Smet [French rock 'n' roll singer]

    1943: Muff Winwood [bassist,songwriter, producer, Spencer Davis Group]

    1941: Harry Nilsson [US singer, songwriter]

    1933: Waylon Jennings [US country singer]

    1929: Nigel Pickering [rhythm guitar, vocals, Spanky And Our Gang]

    June 16th

    1971: Tupac Amaru Shakur (American hip hop artist, poet and actor)

    1958: Patrick Waite (Musical Youth)

    1954: Gerry Roberts (guitar, Boomtown Rats )

    1953: Ian Mosley (drummer, Marillion)

    1952: Gino Vanelli [Italian Canadian singer/songwriter]

    1950: James Smith [vocals, Stylistics]

    1949: Peppy Castro [vocals, guitar, Blues Magoos]

    1946: Ian Matthews [guitar, singer, songwriter, Matthews Southern Comfort]

    1942 Edward Levert [vocals, The O'Jays]

    1941: Lamont Dozier (singer, producer, songwriter, Motown)

    June 17th

    1983: Lee Ryan [singer, Blue]

    1969: Kevin Thornton (vocals, Color Me Badd)

    1965: Richard Hynd [drums, Texas]

    1962: Michael Monroe [vocals, Hanoi Rocks]

    1958: Jello Biafra/ Eric Reed Boucher [spoken word, singer, Dead Kennedys]

    1957: Philip Chevron [guitar, Pogues]

    1947: Paul Young [singer, Sad Cafe/ Mike & The Mechanics]

    1947: Greg Rolie [singer, keyboardist, Santana/Journey]

    1944: Chris Spedding [session guitarist]

    1942: Norman Kuhlke [drummer, Swinging Blue Jeans]

    1943: Barry Manilow/Barry Alan Pincus [ US singer songwriter]

    1930: Cliff Gallup [guitarist, Gene Vincent And The Blue Caps]

    June 18th

    1973: Gary Stringer [vocals, Reef]

    1971: Nathan Morris (vocals, Boyz II Men)

    1969: Simon Rowbottom [guitarist, Boo Radleys]

    1968: Twiggy Ramirez [bass, Marilyn Manson]

    1963: Dizzy Reed/Darren Arthur Reed (keyboard, Guns N' Roses/Hookers & Blow)

    1961: Alison Moyet [singer, Yazoo / solo]

    1957: Tom Bailey (vocals, keyboards, Thompson Twins)

    1953: Jerome Smith [guitarist, KC and the Sunshine Band]

    1952: Ricky Gazda [trumpet, Johnny and the Asbury Jukes]

    1942: Richard Perry [US producer, own label, Planet Records,]

    1942: Carl Radle [bass, Derek and the Dominoes]

    1942: Paul McCartney [Bass, singer, songwriter, producer, The Beatles/Wings/solo]

    1938: Don Harris [US guitarist, pianist, duo Don & Dewey]

    June 19th

    1970: Brian "Head" Welch (guitar, Korn)

    1969: Bardi Martin [bassist, Candlebox]

    1964: Brian Vander Ark (lead singer, The Verve Pipe)

    1963: Simon Wright [drummer, AC/DC]

    1962: Paula Abdul [dancer, choreographer, singer, TV personality]

    1960: Dennis Fuller [vocals, London Boys]

    1959: Mark DeBarge [vocals, DeBarge]

    1950: Ann Wilson (lead singer and flute player of Heart)

    1948: Nick Drake [UK singer, songwriter]

    1944: Robin Box [lead guitarist, White Plains]

    1942: Elaine "Spanky" McFarlane [vocals, Spanky And Our Gang]

    1939: Al Wilson [US singer]

    1927: Tommy DeVito [lead guitarist, vocals, Four Seasons]

    June 20th

    1979 Charlotte Hatherley [guitar, vocals, Ash]

    1972 Chino Moreno [vocals, Deftones]

    1971: Twiggy Ramirez/Jeordie Osborne White(bass, Marilyn Manson/Queens of the Stone Age)

    1968: Murphy Karges (bassist, Sugar Ray)

    1966: Stone Gossard [guitar, Pearl Jam

    1962: Winard Harper [drums, Harper Brothers/Harper Quintet]

    1960: John Taylor (bassist, Duran Duran)

    1960: Chris Gibson [vocals, Gibson Brothers]

    1958: Kelly Johnson [lead guitar, Girlschool]

    1958: Simon Underwood [bassist, Pigbag]

    1955: Michael Anthony (bassist, Van Halen)

    1953: Alan Longmuir [bassist, Bay City Rollers]

    1953: Cyndi Lauper [US singer, actress]

    1949: Lionel Richie [vocals, keyboards, songwriter, Commodores/solo]

    1945: Anne Murray [Canadian singer, songwriter]

    1942: Brian Wilson (vocals, piano, producer, composer, arranger, The Beach Boys)

    1937: Jerry Keller [US singer]

    1936: Mickie Most [record producer]

    1936: Billy Guy [baritone, Coasters]

    1924: Chester Burton "Chet" Atkins [guitarist, singer, and record producer]

    June 21st

    1981: Brandon Flowers [vocals, keyboards, Killers]

    1976: Mike Einziger (guitar, Incubus)

    1968: Sonique /Sonia Clarke [singer, DJ]

    1967: Tim Simenon [Record producer]

    1959: Kathy Mattea [country music & bluegrass singer, guitar]

    1957: Mark Brzezicki (drums, Big Country)

    1950: Joey Kramer (drums, Aerosmith)

    1949: Greg Munford [lead vocals, Strawberry Alarm Clock]

    1948: Joey Molland (guitar, vocals, Badfinger)

    1945: Chris Britton [guitar, Troggs]

    1959: Marcella Detroit [vocals, Shakespear's Sister]

    1953: Nils Lofgren [guitar, piano, vocals, E Street Band]

    1951: Alan Silson [lead guitar, vocals, Smokie]

    1944: Ray Davies (lead vocals, guitar, The Kinks)

    1944: Miguel Vicens [guitar, Los Bravos]

    1944: Jon Hiseman [drums, Colosseum]

    1932: O.C. Smith/Ocie Lee Smith [singer with Count Basie and others]

    1932: Lalo Schifrin [Argentine pianist, composer, arranger, film soundtracks]

    June 22nd

    1970: Steven Page (guitar, vocals, Barenaked Ladies)

    1965: Tom Cunningham [drums, Wet Wet Wet]

    1964: Mike Edwards (vocals, Jesus Jones)

    1964: Bobby Gillespie [guitar, vocals, Primal Scream]

    1962: Stephen Vaughan [bassist, PJ Harvey]

    1962: Ruby Turner [UK singer]

    1961: Jimmy Somerville [UK singer, Bronski Beat, Communards]

    1959: Alan Anton (bass, Cowboy Junkies)

    1957: Gary Beers (bass, INXS)

    1956: Derek Forbes (bass, Simple Minds)

    1955: Green Gartside [singer-songwriter, Scritti Politti]

    1953: Cyndi Lauper [US singer, actress]

    1949: Alan Osmond (leader of The Osmonds)

    1947: Todd Rundgren [US guitarist, singer, producer, Nazz/ Utopia/solo]

    1945: Howard Kaylan [singer, Turtles/The Mothers of Invention/Flo & Eddie]

    1944: Peter Asher [guitarist, singer and record producer, Peter and Gordon]

    1943: Jimmy Castor [US singer]

    1936: Kris Kristofferson (US singer, songwriter, actor)

    June 23rd

    1981: Anthony Costa (singer, Blue)

    1980: Jessica Simm (singer, Liberty X)

    1966: Mark Chadwick (guitar/vocals, Levellers)

    1966: James MacPherson (drums, The Breeders)

    1965: Paul 'Bonehead' Arthurs (guitar, Oasis)

    1962: Richard Coles (multi-musician, clarenet, Bronski Beat/Communards)

    1962: Steve Shelley (drums, Sonic Youth)

    1957: Lee John (Imagination)

    1940: Adam Faith (UK singer and actor)

    1940: Stu Sutcliffe ( bass, The Beatles. Died of a brain haemorrhageaged 22

    1929: June Carter (country singer, wife of Johnny Cash)

    June 24th

    1973: Mario Calire (drummer, The Wallflowers)

    1970: Glenn Medeiros [singer and songwriter ]

    1961: Curt Smith (vocals, bass, Tears For Fears)

    1959: Andy McCluskey (vocals, guitar, keyboards, O.M.D.)

    1957: Jeff Cease [guitar, Black Crowes]

    1957: Terence 'Astro' Wilson [toaster, UB40]

    1949: John Illsley (bass, Dire Straits)

    1948: Patrick Moraz [keyboards, Moody Blues]

    1945: Colin Blunstone [singer, Zombies]

    1944: Arthur Brown [UK singer, The Crazy world of Arthur Brown]

    1944: Charlie Whitney [guitar, Family]

    1944: Chris Wood [sax, flute, Traffic]

    1944: Jeff Beck [guitarist, Screaming Lord Sutch, Yardbirds/solo]

    1942: Michael John Kells "Mick" Fleetwood (drummer, Fleetwood Mac)

    1939: Paul "Oz" Bach [bass, vocals, Spanky And Our Gang]

    June 25th

    1972: Mike Kroeger [bass, Nickelback]

    1968: Candyman [Los Angeles rapper]

    1963: George Michael [UK singer, songwriter, Wham! /solo]

    1954: David Paich (singer/songwriter, keyboardist ~ Toto, sessionist)

    1952: Tim Finn (singer, songwriter, Split Enz, Crowded House)

    1946: Ian McDonald (sax, King Crimson, Foreigner)

    1946: Allen Lanier (guitar, keyboards, Blue Oyster Cult)

    1945: Carly Simon [US singer, songwriter]

    1940: Clint Warwick [bassist, Moody Blues]

    1939: Harold Melvin [US soul singer and pianist]

    1935: Eddie Floyd [US soul singer]

    June 26th

    1973: Gretchen Wilson (US country singer)

    1969: Colin Greenwood (bass guitar,keyboards, sampler, synthesisers. Radiohead)

    1967: Mark Decloedt (drums, EMF)

    1961: Terri Nunn (American singer, actress, Berlin)

    1959: Stef Burns [guitar/vocals: Huey Lewis and the News]

    1957: Patty Smyth [vocalist and leader of the band Scandal]

    1956: Chris Isaak [singer, songwriter, guitarist, actor]

    1955: Mick Jones (singer, guitarist, Spooky Tooth/ Foreigner/ The Clash)

    1940: Billy Davis Jr. (vocals, founder member of the Fifth Dimension)

    June 27th

    1976: Leigh Nash [singer, Sixpence None The Richer]

    1970: Laurence Colbert [drums, Ride]

    1962: Michael Ball [UK singer]

    1961: Margo Timmins [vocals, Cowboy Junkies]

    1959: Loretta Lynn "Lorrie" Morgan [country music singer]

    1951: Gilson Lavis [drums, Squeeze]

    1942: Bruce Johnston (vocals, bass, The Beach Boys)

    June 28th

    1977: Mark Stoermer [bass guitarist, Killers]

    1971: Ray Slijngaard [vocals, 2 Unlimited]

    1965: Saul Davis [guitar, violin, James]

    1963: Beverley Craven [uk singer]

    1963: Andy Couson [bass, All About Eve]

    1959: Clint Boon [keyboards, Inspiral Carpets]

    1948: John Martyn [singer, songwriter, guitarist]

    1945: David Knights [original bassist, Procol Harum]

    1943: Bobby Harrison (drums, Procol Harum)

    1903: Adrian Rollini [multi musicain, California Ramblers/Goodman/own]

    June 29th

    1979: Richard Breen [vocals, singer, songwriter, 5ive aka Five]

    1978: Nicole Scherzinger [singer, Eden's Crush]

    1964: Stedman Pearson (singer, Five Star)

    1960: Evelyn "Champagne" King [R&B and disco singer]

    1954: Colin Hay (lead singer, guitar, Men At Work)

    1948: Ian Paice (drummer, Deep Purple / Whitesnake)

    1943: Roger Spear [Jew's harp, musical toys, Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band]

    1948: Derv Gordon [lead vocals, The Equals]

    1948: Lincoln Gordon [guitar, The Equals]

    1945: Little Eva [US singer

    June 30th

    1984: Fantasia Barrino [singer, an American Idol winner]

    1983: Anton Gordon [vocals, member of uk TV's created boy band, One True Voice]

    1983: Cheryl Tweedy [vocals, member of uk TV's created girls band, Girls Aloud]

    1969: Tom Drummond (bassist, Better Than Ezra)

    1968: Philip Anselmo [singer, Pantera / Down]

    1967: Peter Camell [guitar, La's]

    1962: Julianne Regan [vocals, All About Eve]

    1956: Philip Adrian Wright (visual effects, synthesizers, Human League)

    1953: Hal Lindes (guitarist, composer, Dire Straits)

    1951: Andy Scott (guitar, Sweet)

    1951: Stanley Clarke [jazz bass player]

    1946: Billy Brown [vocals, The Moments]

    1944: Glenn Shorrock (Australian singer, Little River Band)

    1943: Florence Ballard [vocals, Supremes]

    1939: Tony Hatch [composer, producer]

    1917: Lena Horne [UK jazz singer]



    World Environment Day - June 5th

    Celebrated every year on June 5th, World Environment Day is a United Nations holiday that celebrates Earth and our environment. This year's theme for World Environment Day is "Deserts and Desertification - Don't Desert Drylands!" and festivities will be held in Algiers, Algeria.

    Donald Duck's Birthday - June 9th

    Donald Fauntleroy Duck's birthday is officially recognized as June 9th. On this day in 1934, he debuted in the Silly Symphony cartoon, The Wise Little Hen. This year Donald will turn 72!

    Superman Celebration - June 8th to 11th

    Are you a big Superman fan? Then have we got a celebration for you! In 1972, the city of Metropolis, Illinois was declared the Home of Superman by the Illinois legislature. It took seven years to get the party started but in 1979, the very first official Superman Celebration was held and has been an annual event ever since. This year the festival will be held June 8-11, 2006. For more cool info on the Superman Celebration check out this site.

    Father's Day - June 18th

    Buy your present now because Father's Day is fast approaching. On Sunday June 18, 2006 take a little time out of your busy schedule to let your dad know you care. If you can't think of what to pick up for your pop, check out these nifty gadgets.

    Summer Solstice - June 21st

    The summer solstice is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, which means there are over 13 hours of daylight. Summer Solstice falls between June 20 and 23 of every year and has different significance for various religions. The ancient Chinese for example, celebrated the Earth, femininity and yin (the dark, passive element of the yin/yang balance) forces on the summer solstice.

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    Me June 4

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    June 23, the 96th birthday of Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley, president and prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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