Missionaries in Russia?

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    Missionaries to Russia At Risk

    The Russian parliament overwhelmingly passed a law that would limit the activities of any religious group not registered by the Soviet Union 15 years ago. Under this bill, Catholics, Baptists, and other evangelical Christian ministries who have flooded Russia with aid and evangelism would be severely affected. President Boris Yeltsin vetoed the measure under pressure from the United States Congress, however, it is still subject to a veto override vote. Russia is at risk to loosing all aid from the United States if the bill becomes law.

    This bill is an obvious attempt to return the religious life in the country ”over to state control,“ said Yuri Rosenbaum, a law professor who drafted the 1990 law on human rights and religious freedom which is still in practice. By centralizing religious activity through permits, evangelical Christian churches are being denied religious freedom. This would also limit a vast majority of missionaries who are not members of the Russian Orthodox Church.

    Many regions of Russia have already passed their own laws restricting the activities of minority religions, and thus elevating the Orthodox Church to a state church position. Under this bill, parliament is essentially the head of the church as it would determine the central role of the Russian Orthodox Church. While ”traditional“ religions, such as Islam, Buddhism and Judaism were promised respect, this law will force other ”religions“ to register with the government and bar them from owning property or conducting public worship until 15 years after registration.

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    Jehovahs Witnesses are very active in Russia and in 234 other lands.Today Jehovah's Witnesses in Russia enjoy their freedom of worship. Currently, there are some 1,100 congregations of Jehovah's Witnesses in the territories of the former U.S.S.R. More than 180,000 free courses in Bible education are being conducted regularly with interested people right in their own home, and in the early part of 1995, nearly 450,000 people were present at the annual celebration of the Memorial of Christ's death.Jehovah's Witnesses hope that many more people in Russia will respond to their free Bible educational work and learn what marvelous prospects God has in store for mankind. Motivated by a genuine Christian love of neighbor, the Witnesses also hope that others will listen to their message of good news with an open mind, letting the facts of their public-service work and Christian conduct speak for themselves.

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    Why do you need missionaries in Russia? It is a solidly Christian Country. The Orthodox Church is older than the LDS Church, the Watchtower, and Protestant Reformation. It is the second oldest, next to the Catholic Church.

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    Not very popular among Russians. The Orthodox Church also uses the legal system agianst them.

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    The Russians are Coming, The Russians are Coming!

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    My aunt and uncle went to Moscow on an LDS Mission! : )

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    chatolic church is there as well the jehovahs whitness why would the lds go there at all in my opion not to smart my opion?

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