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Moving tips?

I am moving in july and i will be going to a new high school. Any tips on how to make new friends??

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    Being an Air Force family, we have moved over and over. It is very hard. I think the advantage is you are moving in the summer. Go to the pools and try to meet people there. Don't stay in the house and wait for school to start. Walk the neighborhood and look for kids your age. If there is a community center or place to hang out, go there. Most importantly, be yourself. Don't try to be something you're not. You will make friends, it just takes time. Good luck!

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    1- Be friendly

    Smile, make eye contact and talk to everyone, don’t limit your friendliness to one specific type of student.

    2- Be interested in others

    Be a good listener and ask questions.

    3- Get involved

    Join sports, clubs and after-school activities to find friends with similar interests.

    4- Be yourself

    People appreciate authenticity and will gravitate toward you.

    5- Be confident

    People are drawn to those who like themselves. Focus on the positive and remember all you the strengths you can bring to new friendships.

    6- Be trustworthy

    Avoid gossiping or talking negatively about others and avoid those who do. People who talk about others will probably talk behind your back too.

    7- Be kind

    People gravitate toward those who are genuinely nice and kind, and will return your kindness.

    8- Seek out others who treat you with respect

    Good friends will enhance positive feelings you have about yourself. Avoid those who diminish you.

    9- Avoid peer pressure

    Good friends will not try to force or convince you to do dangerous and/or illegal things, even if “everyone” else is doing it.

    10- Make acquaintances first

    Don’t expect too much too soon. Friendships can take a while to develop and most friends start off as acquaintances.

    11-Invite yourself

    Ask students who look friendly if you can sit with them at lunch. There are many other students who are as eager to find new friends as you.

    12- Ask for help

    Don’t be afraid to tell your classmates that you haven’t yet made friends.

    13- Talk to a parent, teacher or counselor

    If you find yourself struggling, allow the adults in your life to support your efforts to make acquaintances and friends.

    14- Talk yourself into confidence

    Be a friend to yourself by avoiding negative self-thoughts.

    15- Keep trying

    If the first or second times don’t work out, that doesn’t mean nothing will. Give yourself the gift of time.

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    I have awesome tips to give to you even though I've never moved.

    1)When someone is in a new place, make them feel welcome!

    2)When someone is a good friend, let them know it!

    3)When someone needs to talk, listen!

    4)When someone needs a favour, help her out.

    Well.....I've only moved once but they were only schools and I moved when I was in S.K and I didn't know these tips.

    Source(s): Bratz Book FRIENDS 4-EVER pages 10-11. Me.
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    Try To Make Friends It Might Be Hard At First.But It Will Get Better.

    Source(s): GOOD LUCK
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    Say something funny about the teacher or assignment to the person next to you. In the beginning, all you'll have in common with the other students is school, so that's what you should talk about.

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    just keep cool everyone doesnt have to know that you are new you will be find and just be cool

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