Which book should i read?

Avi Beyond the Western Sea

This book is the story of three young Irish immigrants coming to the United States.

Avi The Fighting Ground

Thirteen-year-old Jonathan gets caught up in the Revolutionary War that changes his understanding of life and war.

Avi The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle

This is the story of a girl returning from England to Rhode Island on a sailing ship and the adventures she encounters.

Beatty, Patricia Charley Skedaddle

Charley Quinn, age 12, a member of a New York City street gang is determined to avenge the death of his older brother at the Battle of Gettysburg.

Beatty, Patricia and Phillip Robbins Eben Tyne, Powdermonkey

Eben Tyne, 13, is a powder carrier on the Confederate ironclad the Merrimack.

Beatty, Patricia Jayhawker

Elijah Tulley, 12, meets John Brown and is forever committed to abolishing slavery.

Beatty, Patricia Turn Homeward Hannalee

This is the story of a strong young girl working in Georgia during the Civil War who is captured and sent to work in the North.

Blos, Joan

Butler, Amy

A Gathering of Days: A New England’s Girl’s Journal 1830-1832 Catherine Hall, 13, keeps a journal of her life on a New Hampshire Farm.

Virginia Bound Heading to Jamestown, Virginia as in indentured servant,

Rob comes to the New World in 1627 to face countless dangers in this suspenseful, action packed tale.

Card, Orson Scott


A science fiction tale interweaving a fascinating portrait of Christopher Columbus with the story of a future scientist who believes she can alter human history from a tragedy of bloodshed and brutality to a world filled with hope and healing.

Clapp, Patricia Witches’ Children: A Story of Salem

This is a novel based on the Salem witch hunt trials of 1692.

Collier, James L. and Christopher Collier The Blood Country

The Revolutionary War is over, but boarder disputes and Indian and British attacks wreck havoc on the lives of families on the frontier. Someone is now trying to take the home and land of teenager, Ben Buck, and his family. The Bucks, however, won’t give up without a fight.

Collier, James L. and Christopher Collier With Every Drop of Blood

Johnny, 14, promises that he will not go off and fight for the South, but will stay and take care of his family.

Conrad, Pam Prairie Songs

Louisa’s life in a loving pioneer family on the Nebraska prairie is altered by the arrival of a new doctor and his wife.

Cushman, Karen The Ballad of Lucy Whipple

This is the story of 12-year-old Lucy Whipple who moves from Massachusetts to a California mining town.

DeFord, Deborah H. and Harry S. Stout An Enemy Among Them

This is a story of a young Hessian soldier fighting on the British side in the American Revolution.

Denenberg, Barry When Will This Cruel War Be Over? The Civil War Diary of Emma Simpson

This is the fictional diary of a 14-year-old girl living in Virginia during the Civil War.

Forbes, Esther Johnny Tremain

This is a story of the turbulent times in Boston just before the Revolutionary War.

Gaines, Ernest The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman

This book is a fictional account of the life of a Black woman from the end of slavery to the 1900’s.

Hanson, Joyce Which Way Freedom

A young Black man, Obi, struggles to be a free man.

Hunt, Irene

Across Five Aprils

Jethro, age 9, has an idealized view of war until the Civil War breaks out and he is transformed from a boy to a man in the four long years. Newberry award winning book.

Kay, Alan N.

Nowhere to Turn Set at the Battle of Antietam, Thomas Adams of Pennsylvania and his faithful dog, Blue, must decide to join the fight against Lee at Sharpsburg, or flee.

Keith, Harold Rifles for Watie

Jeff Busey leaves his family farm to join the Union forces and is caught as a spy.

Kherdian, David Bridger: The Story of a Mountain Man

This is a fictionalized story of eighteen-year-old Jim Bridger.

Lenski, Lois

Indian Captive Based on the true story of Mary Jenison, this tale follows the adventures of a twelve-year-old girl in 1758. Captured from her Pennsylvania farm by the Seneca Indians, Mary grew to eventually love their way of life. When given a chance to rejoin the white world she was torn between her past and her new Indian family. Who will she chose?

Liles, Maurine

The Littlest Vaquero: Texas' First Cowboys and How They Helped Win the American Revolution

This fictionalized account is of a young vaquero who is on a cattle drive to supply Longhorn cattle to troops in Louisiana fighting the American Revolution.

Murrow, Liza Ketchum West Against the Wind

Abigail Parker, age 14, sets out to find her father in the gold mines of Yuba City, California in 1850.

Nixon, Joan Lowry A Family Apart

The Kelly family struggles to stay alive in New York City following the death of their father. The children are put up for adoption and are taken to Missouri. Book one in the Orphan Train trilogy.

Nixon, Joan Lowry Caught in the Act

Mike Kelly, 11, is adopted by the Friedrichs only because they want someone to work long hours for room and board. Book two in the Orphan Train trilogy.

O’Dell, Scott Sing Down the Moon

This is the story of the conflict between the Navajos and the U.S. Army.

O’Dell, Scott The Serpent Never Sleeps

This is a story of a young girl sailing for Jamestown in 1609.

Paulsen, Gary Call Me Francis Tucket

Francis, 15, separates from the one-armed trapper who taught him how to survive the wilderness of the Old West.

Paulsen, Gary Nightjohn

The story of a young slave, Sarny, whose life becomes even more dangerous when a newly arrived slave offers to teach her how to read.

Paulsen, Gary Sarny

Sequel to Nightjohn.

Perez, N. A. The Slopes of War: A Novel of Gettysburg

This is the story of the Battle of Gettysburg through the eyes of Summerhill family.

Reeder, Carolyn Shades of Gray

Will Page, age 12, loses his immediate family in the Civil War. He comes to understand the moral issues involved in the war.

Richter, Conrad The Light in the Forest

After being taken hostage by the Lenni Lenape, True Son, John Butler, is returned to his white relatives and a society he no longer understands.

Rinaldi, Ann A Stitch in Time

This is the story of a New England family of three sisters who go their separate ways.

Rinaldi, Ann Broken Days

The second volume of the quilt trilogy, the story is set in Massachusetts.

Rinaldi, Ann

Cast Two Shadows

Fourteen-year-old Caroline Whitaker is caught in the violent web of Revolutionary War in the south—her Patriot father is imprisoned, her Loyalist brother Johnny is wounded, her best friend is hanged by the British before her eyes, and her sister is fast becoming the doxy of the cruel British officer who has commandeered their house.

Rinaldi, Ann

The Fifth of March

Rachel Marsh is an indentured servant in the household of John and Abigail Adams. Although she is not political herself, she worries about friends support rebellion. When she meets Matthew Kilroy, a young, argumentative British soldier who has been sent to Boston to keep the peace, she begins to question British domination of the colonies.

Rinaldi, Ann

Finishing Becca: A Story about Peggy Shippen and Benedict Arnold

Becca, a 14-year-old girl, takes a job as maid of a wealthy Philadelphisn Quaker family. She is witness to events that lead to General Arnold's betrayal of the American forces duing the Revolutionary War.

Rinaldi, Ann Having a Thousand Trees with Ribbons: The Story of Phyllis Wheatley

This is the fictionalized biography of the eighteenth-century African woman who was brought to New England as a slave and published her first poem as a teenager.

Rinaldi, Ann In My Father’s House

The book is written from the point of view of Osceola McLean who watches the Civil War begin and end on her family's farm.

Rinaldi, Ann

A Ride into Morning

The Revolutionary War is raging and the American soldiers are freezing, underpaid, and resentful. Mutiny seems imminent. Near the camp of General Wayne’s troops, Tempe Wick is waging her own battle for survival. Food and firewood are scare, her mother is ailing, and she can’t maintain the farm much longer. As whispers of mutiny increase, she must face a gut-wrenching decision: Should she join the revolt?

Rinaldi, Ann Time Enough for Drums

Fourteen-year-old Jemima Emerson struggles to sort out her feelings about the Revolutionary War.

Rinaldi, Ann The Blue Door

Amanda Videau, 14, is sent from South Carolina to live with her grandfather in Massachusetts.

Rinaldi, Ann The Last Silk Dress

This is the story of a teenage girl in Richmond, Virginia during the Civil War who discovers family secrets as she grows up.

Rinaldi, Ann

The Secret Life of Sarah Revere

Thirteen-year-old Sarah Reveres’ father is famous, but he guards a secret about the start of the Revolutionary War. He’ll tell no one what he has seen, not even his trusted daughter. Sarah knows secrets can be dangerous and she’s even got one of her own- and it’s tearing her apart.

Roberts, Kenneth Arundel

Steven Nason, a soldier in the Continental Army, joins Benedict Arnold's doomed march to Quebec in 1775. Through Nason's eyes, learn about the bravery of Arnold (Washington's trusted and heroic officer at that time) and the trials and tribulations of the soldiers of the Revolutionary War.

Roberts, Kenneth

Rabble in Arms

Beginning in 1776, this novel follows the adventures of Peter and Nathaniel Merril as they are drawn into the northern battles of the American Revolution.

Robinet, Harriet Gillem If You Please, President Lincoln

Moses, a 14-year-old slave runs away and befriends a blind free black who is enticed into a ship with promises of work.

Ruby, Lois Steal Away Home

This is the story of a Quaker family and how they helped slaves on the Underground Railroad.

Shore, Laura Jan The Sacred Moon Tree

This is the story of two inventive young people who see the danger, death and devastation of the Civil War become real.

Williams, Ben Ames A House Divided

This is a novel about the Battle of Gettysburg during the Civil War.

Yep, Laurence Mountain Light

Nineteen year old Squeaky travels from China to America to seek his fortune among the California gold fields.

NON-FICTION Banfield Susan James Madison

This book tells of Madison’s contributions to the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights and the Presidency.

Bentley, Judith Harriet Tubman

The story of the famous conductor of the Underground Railroad.

Bishop, Jim The Day Lincoln Was Shot

This book is the hour by hour account of the events surrounding Lincoln’s assassination.

Bower, Claude The Tragic Era: The Revolution After Lincoln

This is the story from the President’s point of view by portraying him as a victim of a self-interested Congress.

Catton, Bruce Never Call Retreat

This book is one in a series about the Civil War.

Catton, Bruce Stillness at Appomattox

This is the story of the surrender at Appomattox.

Coolidge, Olivia Woman's Rights: The Suffrage Movement in the United States, 1848-1920

The history of women voting in the U.S. is the theme of this book.

DeVoto, Bernard Across the Wide Missouri

This book describes the story of mountain men and the Rocky Mountain fur trade.

DeVoto, Bernard 1846: Year of Decision

This book explains how President Polk’s maneuvers led to the War with Mexico.

Freedman, Russell Lincoln: A Photobiography

This is a detailed and balanced account of the life and career of Abraham Lincoln.

Heidish, Mercy A Woman Called Moses

This book is the biography of Harriet Tubman.

James, Marquis The Raven

This book is the biography of Samuel Houston.

Johnson, William The Birth of Texas

This book describes the leadership of Stephen Austin, Texas independence, and the Battle of the Alamo.

Keller, Mollie Alexander Hamilton

This is the story of the first Secretary of Treasury who started life as a poor person with no advantages.

Knight, Michele In Chains to Louisiana: Solomon Northrup’s Story

This is the story of a free Black who was kidnapped and sold into slavery.

Lee, Martin Paul Revere

This biography provides a look at Paul Revere’s life in the context of the American Revolution.

McCurdy, Michael Escape From Slavery: The Boyhood of Frederick Douglass in His Own Words

Excerpts from Douglass's autobiography paint a vivid portrait of a great abolitionist.

McClung, Robert M. The True Adventures of Grizzly Adams

This is the story of one of the Old West’s most famous frontiersmen during the mid-1800s.

McKissack, Patricia and Fred The Story of Booker T. Washington

This book provides a brief overview of the life of Booker T. Washington.

McKitrick, Eric Andrew Johnson and Reconstruction

The book sympathizes with Moderate Republicans and blames the President's errors on Radicals in Congress.

Meltzer, Milton George Washington and the Birth of Our Nation

This biography covers Washington’s childhood in Virginia to his death at Mount Vernon.

Murphy, Jim The Boys’ War

This book is an account of young soldiers who fought on both sides of the war.

Oates, Stephen To Purge This Land With Blood

This is a book that tells the story of John Brown.

Reisch, Dana Patrick Henry

This is the story of how Patrick Henry contributed political leadership to the emerging nation.

Taylor, M.W. Harriet Tubman

This book tells the story of the architects of the Underground Railroad.

Washington, Booker T. Up From Slavery

This book is the autobiography of Booker T. Washington in his own words.

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    OK, I didn't even read your question 'cause it was just too long.

    I would recommend anything by Nicholas Sparks. He's a great author; a very vivid writer. You really get into the characters and into the story,

    Have fun!

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    Scott O'Dell is really good, I'd read one of his or one of the slavery ones.

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    I would read non-fiction about Madison

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