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What did saint patrick do to be called a saint?

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    In the ways of a benign Providence the six years of Patrick's captivity became a remote preparation for his future apostolate. He acquired a perfect knowledge of the Celtic tongue in which he would one day announce the glad tidings of Redemption, and, as his master Milchu was a druidical high priest, he became familiar with all the details of Druidism from whose bondage he was destined to liberate the Irish race.

    Admonished by an angel he after six years fled from his cruel master and bent his steps towards the west. He relates in his "Confessio" that he had to travel about 200 miles; and his journey was probably towards Killala Bay and onwards thence to Westport. He found a ship ready to set sail and after some rebuffs was allowed on board. In a few days he was among his friends once more in Britain, but now his heart was set on devoting himself to the service of God in the sacred ministry. We meet with him at St. Martin's monastery at Tours, and again at the island sanctuary of Lérins which was just then acquiring widespread renown for learning and piety; and wherever lessons of heroic perfection in the exercise of Christian life could be acquired, thither the fervent Patrick was sure to bend his steps. No sooner had St. Germain entered on his great mission at Auxerre than Patrick put himself under his guidance, and it was at that great bishop's hands that Ireland's future apostle was a few years later promoted to the priesthood. It is the tradition in the territory of the Morini that Patrick under St. Germain's guidance for some years was engaged in missionary work among them. When Germain commissioned by the Holy See proceeded to Britain to combat the erroneous teachings of Pelagius, he chose Patrick to be one of his missionary companions and thus it was his privilege to be associated with the representative of Rome in the triumphs that ensued over heresy and Paganism, and in the many remarkable events of the expedition, such as the miraculous calming of the tempest at sea, the visit to the relics at St. Alban's shrine, and the Alleluia victory. Amid all these scenes, however, Patrick's thoughts turned towards Ireland, and from time to time he was favoured with visions of the children from Focluth, by the Western sea, who cried to him: "O holy youth, come back to Erin, and walk once more amongst us."

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    In order to be declared a saint a person must have lived a life that qualifies him or her for this distinction, at least by the end of his or her life. Many saints led very sinful lives before finding God. St. Patrick led a very carefree life until he was a teen. Once he devoted his life to God it is said that St. Patrick, when not engaged in the work of the sacred ministry, spent his whole time in prayer.

    To be declared a saint one must also have miracles happen in their name. For many saints miracles aren't preformed through them until after their death. However, God performed many miracles and healings through Saint Patrick while he was alive, so that everyone could see the power and mercy of God. The sick were healed, the dead were raised, the lame could walk and many miraculous flows of water still fill wells today.

    Is he still preforming miracles today? Why don't you ask him to pray for something for you and find out?

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    The story is that he drove the snakes out of Ireland. Ask any Irishman, they'll tell you they have snakes. The truth behind that story was that Patrick, after being a slave for many yrs had worked to gain his freedom. Once he was free, he joined the local priests, etc. the "snakes" in that story was the celtic pagans... and he didn't drive them out. He burned them at the stake and hung them from crossroads. THe story was changed to make Patrick seem more like a friendly kind of saint. When in truth, he was just another person who saw heretics everywhere and was more than happy to kill them off.

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    He didn't chase the snakes out of Ireland and he may never have plucked a shamrock to teach the mystery of the Trinity. Yet St. Patrick well deserves to be honored by the people of Ireland—and by downtrodden and excluded people everywhere.

    By Anita McSorley

    Possibly not the most objective piece of writing but informative nonetheless.

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    I could be wrong, but I was always told it was because he drove the snakes out of Ireland.

    Now, what's interesting is that there are no native snakes in Ireland. When you hear that he "drove the snakes out of Ireland", he didn't expel actual snakes. "Snakes" is a metaphor for Pagans. So, he was a Saint for killing all or most of the Pagans.

    Sad someone can become a saint for such heinous actions, but it's true.

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    He came to this land and didn't drive snakes out-thats myth! He came and instead of tormenting the Celts who weren't Christians like previous missionaries did, he travelled around the entire country preaching good will in the name of God and asked for a combination of BOTH Celtic Paganism and Christianity in the hearts of the people. This compromising and dedicated attitude for his ENTIRE life earned him a reputation for being a good holy man. And now he's a Saint.

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    The short answer?

    He played a large part in driving the native religion of the druids out of Ireland. The church called the Druids "asps" which is where the legend of Patrick chasing the "snakes" out of Ireland comes from.

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    Anybody who is Born-Again is a Saint. Being good or doing good things have nothing to do with it. Some Saints act like HELL, haven't you noticed??? And if they kick-out, they'll still make it to HEAVEN, with a lot less rewards too!!!!!!!As long as they stay a Saint, they don't have to worry bout' making HEAVEN.

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    He drove the snakes out of Ireland.

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    He started the practice of taking up two collections instead of one.

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