What is a creative family portrait?

Im looking for a creative and fun way to take a family portait, indoors or out, what kind of setting? outfits? props?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    How big is the family? This might not work on a large group, but was great for 4 of us (especially since it wasn't planned ahead:)

    My sons & I were in dark suits & 6-yr-old daughter in a fancy dress. We all grabbed our sunglasses & posed with arms folded & serious expressions. We look like we're her bodyguards; others have called it our 'Men in Black' picture.

    (Maybe it just worked so well 'cause the kids are all so cute!) :D

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    Most portraits are planned and everyone dresses up. How about just one afternoon, when the entire family is around. Just do an "as is" photo perhaps! I have a digital and copy them on my printer at home.... " PhotoShop" program on the computer is an awesome program for pics! Creativity is endless! Have fun. :)

    Another idea is perhaps, have the entire family siting around on the ground...an Ariel shot from a balcony or deck. A photo in the rain..with umbrellas.

    Source(s): Photography is my hobby...so many ideas!
  • 1 decade ago

    My friend's family did this, they each play a musical instrument and they posed indoors and outdoors, on steps, etc like they were taking a picture for a c.d. cover or something. They'd look off to the side a little or out in the distance like musicians do for photo shoots and stuff like that. I thought it was pretty neat.

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    my husband and i are planning on doing our family photo this way.. he works as a police officer and he has his uniform and we bought our lil girl a fake uniform when we were in miami florida last year and i am going to put one of his uniforms on and we are going to wear that for one of our pics. :D

    also, if you have some of you dress in black and the others in white and wear either khaki or blue jeans with the shirts. :) will look soo cool!! :) good luck.

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