value chain model for google?

Porter's value chain model for google

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    Internet Information >> Popularity ranked by number of links >> Google's own algorithms that are x% better than other search engines >> The greatest reach in search engines >> network economics for the google consumers: advertisers, information publishers, and people adding search capability to their intranets.

    Google's annual report breaks down revenue by category, to see the value chain by % of Google's activity.

    Another value chain broke into the desktop (taking from Microsoft). So, the reach from the Google search bar, and their other mini-apps increases their market dominance.

    There is a secondary market for Google rankings, so instead of advertisers purchasing Google ads or changing website content to get a higher Google exposure directly, it's a third-party provider that specializes in this.

    Google's other services (maps, images, Froogle, blogger, gmail, etc.) further increase their reach, therefore giving them a greater value for their consumers.

    Also, the breadth of services gives Google Ads the finest-grained ideas of what people are using different Internet services out there, giving another value add.

    Any discussion I made of Google's value chain would be driven by discussions of network value (value/customer ^ size of network), reach, and marketing granularity (custom fit of Google for advertisers and other revenue generation by Google).

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    Google Value Chain

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