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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicTelevision · 2 decades ago

I need a list of random movies...??

so give me all you got, i need as many movies as you can list. Any movies will help, comedy, horror, romance,suspense, everything!!!

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    Airport; The Towering Inferno; The Posiedan Adventure; Tremors; The Postman; Apocolypse Now; Full Metal Jacket; Hamburger Hill; Cadillac Man; Dr. Strangelove; Clockwork Orange; 2001: A Space Oddesy; The Maltese Falcon; Casablanca; The Postman Always rings twice; Rear Window; To Kill a Mockingbird; High Noon; Cape Fear; Barbarella; Outland; Rebel without a Cause; The Blob; Plan 9 from outer space; Little shop of horrors; The Addams Family Values; Munster go home! Escape from Witch Mountain; The Cat from outer space; Casey the lonesome cougar; Born Free; Yellow Submarine; Help! Hard Day's night; Telefon; Superman II; Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope; Robocop 3; The Terminator; Predator 2; Sense and Sensibility; The King and I; Macbeth; Robin Hood: Prince of thieves; Batman Returns; Star Trek II: the wrath of Khan; Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home: Kill Bill Volume 2: King Pin; Groundhog Day; Ghostbusters; What about Bob?; Scrooged; Arthur 2: On the rocks; She hate me; The Black Cauldron; Lilo and Stitch; Shrek; Ants; Short Circuit; Goonies; Saturday Night Fever; The Magnificent Seven; West World; Planet of the Apes; Beneath the Planet of the Apes; Escape from the Planet of the Apes; Battle for the Planet of the Apes; Conquest of the Planet of the Apes; Lone Wolf McQuad; The Hero and the Terror; Octagon; The Gauntlet; Duel; Dirty Harry; Fistful of Dollars; The good, the bad and the ugly; For a few dollars more; Death of a salesman; A catcher in the rye; Syriana; Gorky park; Oklahoma! South Pacific; The man from la mancha; Barbarella; Them! The day the earth stood still; Where Eagles dare; Kelly's Heroes; The Dirty Dozen; Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason takes Manhattan; The Lords of Illusion; Carrie; Christine; Salem's Lot; The Shining; Pet Cemetary; The Stand; Silver Bullet; Maximum Overdrive; The Running Man; The Martian Chronicles; Raiders of the lost ark; Natural Born Killers; Apocolypse Now; The Godfather; Good Fellas; Rocky, Rocky II, Rocky III; First Blood; Rambo II: First Blood part 2; Cliffhanger; Daylight; Judge Dredd; Spawn; Passenger 57; Blade; Silent Runnings; Uncle Buck; Cool Runnings; Who's Harry Crumb? Delirious; Purple Rain; Nuns on the run; Chase; The Nightmare before Christmas; The Return of the thin man; Birds; Night of the living dead; Dracula 2000; Blind Fury; The Demolition Man; Time Cop; Under Fire; Hard to kill; Under Siege; The Fortress; Tresspass; Twister; Transformers: The Movie; Pee Wee's Big Adventure; The Muppets take Manhattan; Follow that bird! Network; The three lives of Thomasina; Ice Station Zebra; the Thomas Crown Affair; Live and let die; Moonraker; The man with the golden gun; From Russia with love; Octopussy; View to a kill; Living Daylights; The Pink panther; Death on the Nile; Beaches; The Rain Man; Coconuts; A night at the opera; a day at the races; duck soup; the big store; babes in toyland; metropolis; the great train robbery; Aliens; Smokey and the Bandit; Any which way but loose; Dunstin checks in; Tarzan; Buck Rodgers; The Right Stuff; 13 Days; Dancing with wolves; Mad Max; The Patriot; S.W.A.T.; The Hunt for Red October; Crimson Tide; The French Connection; The Manchurian Candidate; The Stepford Wives; The Wizard of Oz; Red Dawn; Patriot Games; Futureworld; The Ghost and Mr Chicken; The Apple Dumpling Gang; War Games; Ferris Bueller's Day Off; The Flinstones; George of the Jungle; UHF; Spinal Tap; Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure; The Mask; American Beauty; American Psycho; American Pie; An American Werewolf in London; Midway; Oranges aren't the only fruit; War of the worlds; Hang em High; Pale Rider; Easy Rider; Midnight Cowboy; Deliverance; Colors; The Game; Falling Down; Black Monday; The Star Chamber; Romancing the Stone; Crocodile Dundee; The man who knew too much; Casino Royale; Police Story; Car 54 where are you? Dragnet; Turner and Hooch; Big; Joe versus the Volcano; Mafia; The age of innocence; Amadaeus; Close encounters of the third kind; Fire from the sky; Ulee's Gold; The Color Purple; On Golden Pond; Batteries Not Required; Driving Miss Daisy; Kindergarten Cop; The Punisher; Captain America; Rosemary's Baby; The Thorn Birds; Lock, Stock and two smoking barrels; Snatch; Cannonball Run; The Gods must be crazy; Some Like it Hot; The road to Bali; The disorderly orderly; Aboot and Costello go to Mars; Robinson Crusoe on Mars; The Red Planet; Die Hard; the 5th element; Hudson hawk; Ghost in the shell; Akira; Princess Mononoke; The Spirits Within; Fail Safe; Dune; Lake Placid; Rats; The man in the iron mask; Ben-Hur; The Ten Commandments; The Greatest Story ever told; Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory; Wagons East! The Crush; Biodome; Little Nicky; What's eating Gilbert Grape?; Edward Scissorhands; Frankenweinie; The Curse of the Mummy; The Blue Lagoon; The Swamp Thing; Madeline; The Adventures of Buckaroo Bonzai; The Time Machine; The Fly; The Invisible Man; Quigley Down Under.

    I took all these from memory. Sheesh, I should be a movie critic, I never stopped to realize just how many movies I have seen!

    I could probably keep going and name a few hundred more, but I'm starting to get bored!

  • 2 decades ago

    1.Pretty woman



    4.the ringer to lose a guy in 10 days


    7.mean girls


    9 caddyshack


    11.harry potter


    13.getting even with dad

    14 top gun


    16.raise your voice


    18.proof of life


    20.oceans 12


    22.edward scissorhands

    23.the crow

    24.children of the corn



    27.less than zero

    28.hide and seek

    29.boondock saints


    31..neverending story before time

    33 free willy

    34 flipper land before time 1-2-3-4-

    35 jurassic park 1-2-3-

    36 honey I shrunk the kids

    37.we're back

    38 aliens 1-2-3-4-

    39 parent trap

    40 freaky friday

    41 wizard of oz

    42 dumbo

    43 back to the future

    44 lethal weapon

    45 diehard

    46 hostage

    47 terminator

    48 big

    49 forest gump

    50 rainman

    51 national treasure

    52 polar express

    53 8 heads in a duffle bags

    54 lord of the rings

    55 star wars

    56 about schmidt

    57 hostile

    58 daredevil

    59 american history x

    60 electra

    61 pretty in pink

    62 grease

    63 jack ***

    64 The brady bunch

    65 austin powers

    66 Fahrenheit 911

    67 ladder 49

    68 bridget jones diary

    69 something about mary

    70 casper

    71 along came polly

    72 doctor dolittle

    73 nutty proffessor

    74 chitty chitty bang bang

    75 charlie and the chocolate factory

    76 bambi

    77 tarzan

    78 jungle book

    79 herbie the lovebug

    80 amittyville horror

    81 meet the fockers

    82 clifffhanger

    83 aviator

    84 pireates of the carribean

    85 surviving the game

    86 reign of fire

    87 startrek nemisis

    88 reign of fire

    89 mystic pizza

    90 sleeping with the enemy

    91 sleepless in seatle

    92 behind enemy lines

    93 saints and soldiers

    94 blue collor comedy tour

    95 walk the line

    96 where the red fern grows

    97 shiloh

    98 benji

    99 homeword bound

    100. sandlot

    101. anaconda

    102.the one

    103 kung fu master

    104 karate kid

    105 three ninjas

    106 ernest

    107 ernest goes to jail

    108 a little princess

    109 waiting

    110 dukes of hazzard

    111 swan princess

    112 toy story 1-2

    113 finding nemo

    114 haunted mansion

    115 the haunting

    116 when a stranger calls

    117 shanghi nights

    118 fugitive

    119 radio

    120 coach carter

    121 glory road

    122 the holiday

    123 beauty and the beast

    124 brokeback mountain

    125 grumpy old men

    126 grumpier old men

    127 cocoon

    128. 8 seconds

    129 the hobbit

    130 e. t.

    131 gremlins

    132 twister

    133 dirty danciing

    134 saturday night fever

    135 night at the roxberry

    136 detroit rock city

    137 fun and fancy free

    138 oliver

    139 babe

    140 lion king

    141 fantasia

    142 the adventures of huck finn

    143 lady and the tramp

    144 big fish

    145 the count of monte crisco

    146 titanic

    147 charlottes web

    148 the runner

    149 look whos talking

    150 urban legends final cut

    151 fly away home

    152 pocahontas

    153 far from home

    154. 101 dalmations

    155.102 dalmations

    156 the deep end

    157 abise

    158 judge dread

    159 space jam

    160 the firm

    161 flintstones

    162. speed

    163. meet the parents

    164. bateman

    165. charlies angels

    166. fantastic four

    167. the littlest rebel

    168. the great muppet caper

    169. the weeding planner

    170. stuck on you

    171. stealth

    172. best man

    173. my best friends wedding

    174. spongebob

    175. runaway bride

    176. born to be wild

    177. small soldiers

    178. goonies

    179. james and the giant peach

    180. all dogs go to heaven

    181. oliver and company

    182. angels in the outfield

    183. sleeping beauty

    184. mousehunt

    185. monsters inc

    186. monster

    187. jaws

    188. secrets of nimh

    189. ella enchanted

    190. enchanted forest

    191. fox and the hound

    192. princess diarys

    193. indian in the cupboard

    194. alladin

    195. sounds of music

    196. bebe's kids

    197. alive

    198. airplane

    199. 8 below

    200. big fat liar

    201 me myself and irene

    202.mask with dick and jane


    205. mr and mrs smith

    206.the forgotten in law

    208.astronauts wife

    209.40 year old virgin


    211.elizabeth town

    212.failure to launch

    213. happy gillmore

    214 billy madison panther

    216.cheaper by the dozen

    217.the italian job

    218 mary poppins

    219 meet the deedles

    220 species 1-2-3

    221 aeonflux

    222. omen

    223. friday the 13th

    224.nightmare on elm street



    227.the cave

    228.king kong

    229. trainging day

    230.war of the world

    231. hitch hiker guide to the galaxy

    232. I robot

    233 men in black

    234 hitch

    235 evolution

    236 sin city

    237 ninja turtles 1 2 3

    238 sweet home alabama

    239 gus gus

    240 cinderlla story

    241 narnia

    242 bad news bears

    243 get rich or die trying

    244 the lost world

    245 little mermaid

    246 kingpin

    247 bruce allmighty

    248 fern gully

    249 just like heaven

    250 10 things I hate about you

    251 once upon a forest

    252 our friend martin

    253 home alone

    254 the girl next door

    255 why you were sleeping

    256 waynes world

    257 the people under the stairs

    258 saving private ryan

    259 full metal jacket

    260 pearl harbor

    261 the shining

    262 resident evil

    263 shrek

    264 my girl

    265 daddy daycare

    266 bounce

    267 big daddy

    268 big mommas house

    269 napolian dynomite

    270 bend it like beckhem

    271 wedding singer

    272 superstar

    273 the way we were

    274 barfly

    275 lizzie maguire movie

    276 independence day

    277 top gun

    278 the day after tomorrow

    279 around the world in 80 days

    280 the grinch

    281 nightmare before christmas

    282 chucky

    283 leperchaun

    284 rose red

    285 chicken little

    286 lilo and stitch

    287 fever pitch

    288 the others

    289 50 first dates

    290 never been kissed

    291 13 going on 30

    292 40 days and 40 nights

    293 fast and the furious

    294 too fast too furious

    295 santa clause

    296 cable guy

    297 girl interrupted

    298. 28 days

    299 the mexican

    300 peter pan

    301 thirteen

    302 the sisterhood of the traveling pants

    303 charlie

    304 devine secrets of the yaya sisterhood

    305 legally blonde 1- 2

    306 snowdogs

    307 joedirt

    308 little rascals

    309 orange county

    310 minority report

    311 along came a spider

    312 uptown girls

    313 maid in manhatten

    314 holes

    315 ali

    316 spaceballs

    317 count of monte crisco

    318 ed

    319 back to the future

    320 blast from the past

    321 soulplane

    322 atlantis

    323 oceans 11

    324 mission to mars

    325 mission impossible 1- 2-3

    326 rv

    327 waterworld

    328 jack

    329 jumanji

    330 monte python and the holy grail

    331 national lampoons --all of them

    332 christmas story

    333 pacifer

    334 the patriot

    335 purple rain

    336 the deer hunter

    337 man without a face

    338 swordfish

    339 phenomenon

    340 curious george

    341 sharktale

    342 brother bear

    343 spice world

    344 black hawk down

    345 lawnmower man

    346 godfather

    347 scarface

    348 little women

    349 ghost

    350 scooby doo

    351 airplane

    352 less than zero

    353 zorro


    355 sixth sense

    356 erin brochovich

    357 harper valley pta

    358 9 to 5

    359 smokey and the bandit

    360. a walk to remember

    361.bring it on

    362. anastasia

    363. the prince and me

    364. the incredibles

    365. bad boys 1- 2

    366. atlantis

    367. pinnochio

    368. snow white

    369 the color purple

    370. "base"ketball

    271. emperors new groove

    272. nanny mcfee

    273. saw 1- 2

    274. point blank

    275. fast times at ridgemont high

    276 ferris buellers day off

    277. blank check

    278 dennis the mennis

    279. it takes two

    280. 9 1/2 weeks

    i didn't even look any of this up. Just had the help of 4 teenagers! Let us know if you need more!

  • 2 decades ago


    Lord of the Rings

    The Ring

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    Land of the Dead

    Day of the Dead

    Lilo and Stitch

    Black Hawk Down





    The Little Mermaid

    Star Wars (1-6)

    The Chronicles of Narnia

    Nanny McPhee


    The Truth about Cats and Dogs

    The Forgotten

    The Spongebob Squarepants Movie


    Peter Pan


    Mission Impossible






    Robin Hood

    Old School


    Fletch Lives

    Who's Harry Crumb?

    Summer Rental

    The Great Outdoors

    Canadian Bacon


  • 2 decades ago




    Mr. and Mrs. Smith

    The Omen

    Hide and Seek

    The Pianist

    The Ring

    Walk The Line

    Star Wars

    High School Musical


    Lord of the Rings

    Harry Potter

    The Day After Tomorrow

    The Great Raid





    Ben Hur

    The Exorcism of Emily Rose

    The Aviator

    Ever After


    Flight of the Phoenix


    Tristan & Isolde

    Independence Day

    The Passion of the Christ

    War of the Worlds

    Amityville Horror

    Catch Me If You Can


    The Game

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  • Anonymous
    2 decades ago

    Goonies, Braveheart, Gladiator, Patriot, Passion of the Christ, Lord of the Rings, Matrix, V for Vendetta, Chronicles of Narnia, X-Men, Mission Impossible, 13th Warrior, Pirates of the Caribbean, Black Christmas, The Changeling, Signs, The Village, Scream, Old School, Dodge Ball, Elf, Surviving Christmas, Kill Bill, Desperado, From Dusk Till Dawn, Negotiator, 7, Interview w/a Vampire, Toy Story, South Park, Thesis, Red Violin, Run Lola Run, Bad Education, Amores Perros, and many more

  • Anonymous
    2 decades ago

    Anchorman The Legend of Ron Burgundy w/Will Ferrell

    Seed of Chucky Time to raise Some Hell

    The Rundown w/ The Rock & Seann William Scott

    Cradle 2 the Grave w/ Jet Li & DMX

    Jackie Brown w/ Samuel L. Jackson

    Glory Daze

    13 Dead Man

    Panic Room w/ Jodi Foster

    Undercover Brother



    The Mangler 2

    28 Days Later

    Too Young to Die

    Raising Cain

    Bad Boys2 w/ Will Smith

    Are We There Yet? w/ Ice Cube

    Do you need any more?

  • 2 decades ago

    1. A Few Good Men

    2. Shawshank Redemption

    3. The Pelican Brief

    4. Runaway Jury

    5. Ghost

    6. Gandhi

    7. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

    8. Message in a Bottle

    9. Titanic

    10. Legends of the Fall

  • Anonymous
    2 decades ago

    The Lizzie McGuire Movie, Dumb and Dumber, Liar Liar, Independence Day, Cars, Big mama's house, Spongebob squarepants the movie, RV, The Color Purple, Ruby Bridges, Beetlejuice

  • 2 decades ago

    Freaky Friday,Parent Trap,Sahara,National Treasure,Entrapment,Child's Play,School of Rock,King Kong,Caddy Shack,Groundhogs Day,Liar Liar,Fun With Dick and Jane,Hunt for Red October,The Rock,Guarding Tess,Faces Off,The Notebook,The Specialist,Rambo,Cadence,Men at Work,Snow Dogs,Hook,Pretty Woman,Ghost,Zorro,The Breakfast Club,Die Hard,Sixth Sense,Poltergeist,Nightmare on Elm Street,Phantom of the Opera,Raiders of the Lost Ark.

  • 2 decades ago

    Several hundred "greatest" films according to the American Film Institute:

    500 greatest comedies, 400 thrillers, 400 romantic movies and 400 hero and villian movies from AFI:

    Source(s): American Film Institute
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