Which part of the country has the best barbecue?

I live in Kansas City, Missouri, and we supposedly have the best barbecue in the U.S. Do you have an opinion on where the best barbecue is?

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  • lou
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    1 decade ago
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    1. memphis,tn.

    2. texas

    3. kansas city, kansas or missouri

    4. north carolina

    5. georgia

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    We live in California but found what we believe is the best BBQ while traveling in Texas a few years ago. It's "Cooper's" BBQ in Plano. Since then we've ordered through the mail from Coopers and still like it.

    But all food is really subjective as to what is best. It's possible that if I had Missouri BBQ that I'd find it better than Texas, but it's just that I haven't had the experience yet.

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    I would say the south anywhere you can mix a little soul food and BBQ would have to be great ..As for Kansas City since my uncle died, I would say Arthur Bryant's or Gates and for cheap good BBQ there is this place on the Kansas side by the Drive-In. I think of the name but you cant miss it,cause you can smell it...

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  • Western North Carolina.

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    I,live in California...well When we do barbecue,we make the best...LOL. But they say that Texas has the best,by far.Yummy,makes me want to fire up the grill,and throw on some steaks...have a wonderful day.

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  • Anonymous
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    How about doing your own BBQ. Buy you a smoker and put some Kings ford charcoal in it and fire it up. The when the coals are white ashed add some sliced onions and potato on the coals and then place your meat on your grill.. You will smell and taste the best BBQ in your town!

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    What you said about your area is the same thing my Kansas City, Missouri native communications professor said! I was also thinking, though...the southwest, if you like Mexican style food.

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    The South!!

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    I love North Carolina BBQ. We have two styles. Eastern and Western. Eastern is vinegar based and the Western has a ketchup based sauce. Both are pork....Eastern is chopped and with Western you can have chopped or sliced.

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