What are the rules for making my mobile home HUD approved?

I have a doublewide mobile home and I need a reverse mortgage on it. They say it is not HUD approved. How do I make it HUD approved?

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    There are several items that need to be met in order for your home to qualify for a reverse mortgage.

    It must have been built later than 1978.

    You must own the land it sits on, or it must be on a 99 year lease.

    It must have a permanent foundation, secured with piers that meet fha guidelines. This can be done after you close on the loan.

    It must have never been moved except from the factory to it's current location.

    You will need the manufacturer's tags that are usually attached to the home.

    Other than that there isn't too much that will keep your home from qualifying.

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    Call your local HUD office and ask them to give you the description of what would make your house HUD approved. Or have one of them come out and do an inspection and then they can tell you exactly what you need to do.

    Hope this helps you.

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