my dog gets car sick, is this a problem?

when i take my dog on a car ride, she gets long strings of drool from her mouth, but never has a drooling problem otherwise. one time she vomited, but that was a long time ago, she hasn't done it since. i tried to take her on more rides, to get her used to the idea of being in a car, but now she won't even go near the car. she is a german shepherd, and a large one at that. she is 27 inches to the shoulder. which makes her hard to lift into a vehicle. she has to weigh more than 100 pounds now. doesn't have a wieght problem. she has a pretty thick coat, and i live in Wyoming, could heat be the problem. the reason i am so concerned is because she has to go to the vet soon to get her anual vaccines, and it is kkind of a long drive what should i do, or is there anything i can do?

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    not a problem- most dogs don't like confined areas- even more dogs basically have anxiety attacks in a moving vehicle.

    easiest way to deal with it is keep the vehicle cool, and get her to lie on the floor so she can't see the world wizzing by her. also turn up the radio so she can't hear the abstract noises of the vehicle (not too loud though) and don't feed her right before. If possible give her a chew toy or a rawhide or something to distract her. Eventually she'll associate car rides with a treat and will be okay with them.

    Source(s): I trained six sheppard puppies to be vehicle compatible
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    There is lots you can do. Get someone in the car with you and the dog. Distract the dog with a toy or better still a kong.

    She is drooling because she is stressed so you need to be calm.

    You could just drive to the end of the block and then take her out. Have a 5 minute game with her and then get back in the car. When you get home have another game with her.

    The idea is that she associates being in the car with good things.....going to the park, beach or having a game.

    Have the windows open so she doesn't suffer from the heat and take water with you.

    PS You can use Sealegs (human travel sickness pills) These will not make her sleepy.

    Source(s): Qualified animal behaviourist, trainer and kennel owner. I also run clicker classes.
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    A dog getting car sick isn't a problem if you don't have to take your dog in the car. Now, because you have to take the vet, I think you should give her some BABY BENADRYL (you can call the vet and ask him, he will tell you that it's ok) about an hour before you leave...this will calm her down, and reduce the feeling she is getting when traveling in the car!

    Good Luck!

  • Definitely ask your vet.

    I would not dismiss it as being merely nothing, and I am sure your vet can give you advice. You should ask about motion-sickness medicine. It is sold over the counter as a human drug that you can buy without a prescription. But definitely ask your doctor before giving any kind of medicine at all.

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    Annual vaccinations are a thing of the past. All 27 vet schools in the US are only doing vaccinations every three years now. Your local rabies laws still apply.

    Vets just don't seem to have read this or don't want you to know about it.

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    my sister had a Lab that got car sick and the problem was that the dog could see outside. i guess seeing everything go by so fast made her sick because when she would go for rides in the van and couldn't see out the windows she was fine.

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    I do not know, but I can tell you that I have a toy poddle who is 4 years old. And he get car sick when the car is to hot.

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    feeding her in the nonmoving car for a few day may help. Also ginger (powered or ginger snaps) can often help. Use it before a few SHORT fun trips & you have some hope of progress.

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    Shes really uncomfortable in the car. just only take her on car rides when you need to and no more.

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    You could get someone to sit in the back with her.

    Or, you could get pills that relax her for the ride.

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