What is a "jake-brake" and why is it illegal in some places?

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    The Jake Brake is a particular brand of engine brake manufactured and sold by Jacobs Vehicle Systems, Inc. While the term Jake Brake technically only describes Jake Brake brand engine brakes, it has become a genericized trademark and is often used to refer to engine brakes or compression release engine brakes in general.

    An engine brake is a braking system used primarily on semi-trucks or other large vehicles that modifies engine valve operation to use engine compression to slow the vehicle. They are also known as compression release engine brakes.

    Compression release engine brakes may make a loud chattering or machine gun noise while being used, which has led many communities to ban them. There are signs on the side of some freeway offramps, or at municipal boundaries, that will say "Engine brakes restricted", etc. These signs are referring to compression release engine brakes. This has led to special mufflers on trucks that also muffle the sound of the compression release engine brake

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    Jake Brake

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    They are illegal in some areas because the make too much noise, residential areas and cites with noise ordinances.

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