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I just moved to the area I live in and I want to start a cleaning business. What would be the cheapest, easiest way of advertising? Also what other services can I offer ( etc. laundry? ) Also what to charge???? Thanks in advance

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    My advice is for you to read more of the business, so you can determine what you think you want and can given your present resources. The book "101 Best Businesses to Start" estimates that first year potential earnings for this business can be $40,000, while startup expenses can be $5,000 or even lower. Industry experts, however, recommend raising $50,000 for a startup capital in order to be able to invest in heavy duty cleaning equipment and have more resources to spend in marketing the business.

    You can start by reading the article "Starting a Janitorial and Cleaning Service Business" at http://www.powerhomebiz.com/vol95/janito... . The article contains information on startup strategies, operational considerations (prices, manpower, finding suppliers), and marketing the business.

    From the article, here are some tips to help market your business:

    1. The first step to marketing your business is deciding who your potential customers are and determining the types of services you could offer.

    2. The best way to market this business is through cold calling. Drive through the area to look for newly opened businesses, buildings or facilities. Then introduce yourself to the landlords ­ your potential clients ­ and request for an opportunity to bid on their cleaning contract.

    3. Draw up a better and more professional proposal by learning firsthand the needs of the potential customer, as well as the layout of the facility (e.g. type of carpeting, etc.)

    4. Networking is another effective strategy to get ahead in the janitorial business. Aside from newly opened buildings, get a list of companies that are downsizing or laying off cleaning staffs.

    5. Word of mouth is another effective form of advertising a janitorial service. It can be generated through favorable feedback from your existing clients that will hopefully filter to other building owners or entrepreneurs in your area.

    6. If you decide to embark on advertising, you can try placing an ad in newspapers or trade journals in your area.

    7. You can also try direct mailing to potential customers, sending them information and brochures about your business.

    For more in-depth information about the business, we have compiled a list of books on the topic and you can either purchase the book or borrow them from your library. The list of recommended books on starting a cleaning business can be found at http://www.powerhomebiz.com/bookstore/ho...

    - Commercial and Residential Cleaning Services: A Resource Guide to Developing and Maintaining Your Own Janitorial or Home Cleaning Business (Author: Walter Fenix)

    - Janitorial Service Businesses : Strategies for Promoting, Estimating, and Bidding Cleaning Services

    - The Janitorial Contractors Bible

    - Introduction to Janitorial Service Contracting : How to Succeed in Your Own Cleaning Business

    - Cleaning Up for a Living: Everything You Need to Know to Become a Successful Building Service Contractor

    - Introduction to Janitorial Service Contracting : How to Succeed in Your Own Cleaning Business

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    get a website or blog, and advertise to the whole world.

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