How can I empty the waste ink tank on my Canon printer?

The darn thing isn't working at all because the "waste ink tank" is full. Sounds to me like it's a "waste printer."

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  • Ron~N
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    1 decade ago
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    Well well i am sorry to inform you that i have asked this question before and tried all the answers -and i have pulled the right hand side panell off and totaly swabbed out the waste ink tank which is under thecartridge carrier at the extreme right hand side,,where it does its mixing.and its hardly a tank at all,its a tiny little tray with a bit of foam to absorb the ink.i used a sray on alcohol solution and cleaned it thoroughly,but the darn thing still kept saying waste ink near full?i threw it in the bin about an hour ago,as i rang cannon and the cost just to look at it was greater than a new one.I did get a bit longer out of it by reset button-but not longat all.I have just loaded an epson stylus cx3700 its better than my cannon imagecass mpc190 was and cost me 79 dollars here in australia.--check my q&a if you want to see my results but i am afraid its hopeless.

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