What are some advantages and disadvantages to taking a semester off college?

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I'm in the process of transferring. I was considering taking off a semester so I can figure out exactly what I want to do. Any comments/suggestions regarding this? Thanks :)
Update : I would be working during my time off (to save up and help pay for the ...show more
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  • D S answered 8 years ago
I had a friend who took a semester off of college - he did not do well. He found the transition to work very difficult in the loss of friendships and loss of people his own age. He found it was very difficult to go back to school after a year off - all his friends had graduated, he was used to a higher income, and again it was a difficult transition.

I think staying in school is much more important, so many people do not return.

That being said, there are positives: extra income, a chance to get priorities in order, valuable experience in internships and other learning experiences.

An option instead of time off would be to take advantage of your career center, counseling services, etc. College is an excellent time to explore options - Good luck!
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  • GKIRK78 answered 8 years ago
    I would suggest to take a summer semester/quarter to either travel and relax, or intern at a company that has a mission similar to your major. Either way, you'll come back in the fall refreshed and ready to tackle your classes. You will probably get better grades after your break, because you will feel refreshed and eager to start again. I'm a molecular genetics student and I'm planning on going to grad school. I haven't been able to take a break after 4 quarters and I am starting to feel burned out. I bet my grades slip some this next quarter.....
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  • Sunnydays answered 8 years ago
    Once you stop, it's terribly hard to go back to school. What if you find a job? You may think that the job is better than school could ever be. Stay in school.
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  • yooperpooper answered 8 years ago
    Depends on what you do with it. If eating and sleeping at mom and dad's place because you think you just can't hack it, then quit college all together because you will never make it in professional life. If you take an internship working, super. It gives you insight into why you are in college to begin with...because you are ignorant of the world, no offense.

    Have been a university prof for more than 20 years and experimece in the workplace while in colloge is very beneficial.
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  • Sam answered 8 years ago
    yeah it is hard to go back to school and then if you take the course then you get rid of some credits right for that time being.
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