I need help trying to decide if i trade my car or not ??

OK . i got a celica 1990 2.2 w. 102 500 miles on in ok . today a friend offered me his car .

An Acura 1999 CL 2.3 w. 150 000. he wants my car and $1 500. His car dont have the airbags but he is buying them and the windshielf if broken .He told me that He will not pay for that or get a new one that i would have to take care of that .

I just bought rims TWS vX1 he wants that too u know all incluided

I wanna know if this is a good deal or not . should I do it. ????

Celica 1990 2.2 or Acura.1999 2.3

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  • 1 decade ago
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    This is a horrible deal for you for all the reasons everyone else said. Additionally, if his car is missing the airbags, it has probably been in a major front end accident causing the airbags to deploy. Stick with your celica, it will last you forever! (not really forever, but for a really,really, really long time :-)

  • 1 decade ago

    Don't do it. His car although it is newer, has MORE mileage than yours! So clearly that car has been around the block more than yours. So your car has airbags? better for you. I think it's rather expensive putting in air bags, and it might not be worth it.

    The windshield broken, and his not wanting to replace it, forget it. That is a necessity for your car. Any cop will pull you over and give you a fix it ticket, it is a real hazard to drive like that.

    Just to be sure, if you already don't see this as a bad deal..... Take the car to a mechanic, where they do an all point inspection, have them raise it up, to look underneath for damage. Wait and see what they tell you.

    Then your friends wants money AFTER AL THAT? He's trying to yank your chain, say not thanks. Your car is more reliable anyway, why do you think he wants it???

  • 1 decade ago

    It might be a good deal if you paid him $100.00 and kept your car. His has a broken windshield. The airbags are blown which means it's been wrecked. It's got a LOT more miles on it. It's a "beater" or a "sled" as we used to say in the car biz.

    A windshield for an Accura will cost BIG bucks. Of course he want's your car; his is a piece of sh*t.

  • 1 decade ago

    I wouldn't do it. He wants you to pay him 1500 extra his car has more miles on it and a broken windshield. Your car is older, but less miles. You could put that 1500 down on a new car.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I dont think u should sounds like hes car is in bad shape

  • 1 decade ago

    NO! Do not trade your car!!! Sounds pretty shady!

  • no! not at all! dont get ripped off but this chump

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