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Is there anyone who can solve my following serious problem as soon as possible ?

When I want to work with yahoo messenger,I cannot. A dialog box comes containing "Signing in is longer than expected" or "You are in different computer or device,Please try later."

It occurs always,from many days ago.At present I can go to the dialog box contains "Enter Chat".Then when I choose any space(suppose- Regional>Asia>Banglades),then the above problems(failour notice dialog box) appears.I can work other activities through internet,but I can't chat.I've used "No proxies","Use proxies","Firewall with no proxies" and "No network detection" from connection preference,but have not been successful yet. Is there any role of Firewall using?It has been used. Do you know why does it happen and how can it be solved?If you know,pls write in details.

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    hope u r fine.

    There two causes for tht . one u might b hacked by some one . and when ever hacker login by ur id u r logout. And msg Display : You are login to different machine"

    Second thing is ur Internet service problem which is too slow

    unable to establish coonection successfully with yahoo chat server. third thing ur Compuetr might have viruses and fourth thing check out for ur telephone line.. there might b some noise on ur phone line , that distrubs u.

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