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It is this profound interest in central planning and governance that has given almost historic significance to the ideas of the English economist J.M. Keynes. What is called Keynesianism has as its intellectual base a very complex modification of the classical doctrines of economics—one set forth in Keynes\'s famous The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money, published in 1935–36. Of greater influence today, however, than the strictly theoretical content of this general theory is the political impact that Keynesian ideas have had on Western democracies. For out of these ideas came the clear policy of governments dealing directly with the business cycle, of pumping money and credit into an economic system when the cycle threatens to turn downward, and of then lessening this infusion when the cycle moves upward. Above all other names in the West, that of Keynes has become identified with such policy in the democracies and with the general movement of central governments toward ever more active and constant regulation of processes once thought best left to what the classical economists thought of as natural laws. True, the root ideas of the classical economists are found in modified form even today in the works of such economists as the American Milton Friedman. But it would not be unfair to say that Keynes\'s name has become associated with democratic economic planning and direction in much the way that Marx\'s name is associated with Communist economic policies.

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    它是這深刻興趣在給了幾乎歷史的意義英國經濟學家J.的想法的中央計劃和統治上。M. Keynes。 什麼叫Keynesianism有作為古典教條非常複雜修改economics⠀ ”你在Keynes的指出著名就業的一般理論的它的智力基地, 興趣和金錢, 出版在1935⠀ “ 36。 更加巨大的影響今天, 然而, 比這種一般理論嚴密地理論內容是凱因斯想法在西部民主有的政治衝擊。 為在這些想法外面來了應付直接地經濟週期的政府清楚的政策, 抽的金錢和信用到一種經濟體制裡,當週期威脅轉動向下, 并且然後變小這注入,當週期移動向上。 高於一切其他名字在西方, Keynes在民主變得一次辨認以這樣政策和與中央政府的一般運動往過程的更多活躍和恆定的章程認為最佳的左邊對什麼古典經濟學家認為作為自然法則。 真實, 古典經濟學家的根想法甚而今天被找到以修改過的形式在工作的這樣經濟學家像美國米爾頓弗裡德曼。 但說是不不合理的Keynes的名字在變得伴生以民主經濟規劃和方向馬克思的名字同共產主義經濟政策聯繫在一起的方法。

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