I look like the X-MEN's Wolverine from the comics. Do you women think thats attractive or not?

Here's th deal, I'm 5'3" not very tall. I've got a hairy chest & some on my shoulders. I'm muscular & am bigger & stronger than many guys taller than me. I've got mutton chop sideburns & usually look pissed off. I'm a rugged guy. I am very much like th comics Wolverine. Not 6 foot tall smooth pretty boy Hugh Jackman from th movies. So many girls tell me they prefer guys taller than them & I wonder what th' hell is up! Do women think Wolverine is attractive?

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    I'm actually attracted to guys like you, even though I'm 5'11! The only thing I'd not like is the fact that you look pissed off all the time. I think the reason women prefer taller guys is because in our culture/society men should be taller than women, it's not necessarily because they don't find you attractive. You sound like a very masculine man, to me that's a turn-on.

  • 1 decade ago

    Yes I think Hugh Jackman is attractive but he is at least 6"0. So your height will definitely be a factor to some women. Sorry Charlie!

  • hone
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    4 years ago

    i imagine women have a tendency to observe porn to get recommendations about what they can do in authentic existence. women have a much extra open opinion about what an alluring guy is and that i have not started to discover any 2 women who agree thoroughly on what makes a guy alluring. even if women will call a guy handsome, they don't unavoidably favor to be with that guy, and they look to be able to look previous the exterior stuff to what's interior and discover that far extra interesting, far more effective. So i'd imagine that adult adult males really protect of their sexuality may merely discover women's interest in porn a competent component--perhaps she'll favor to objective a number of that stuff with him. because finally, even if women may fantasize about a impressive form of adult adult males, may fantasize about having a impressive form of different companions, contained in the appropriate they prefer a guy who they can believe, and believe must be earned by the years.

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    Wolverine Hairy Chest

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  • Sandy
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    1 decade ago

    No, but you'll just have to find a girl who does think Wolverine is attractive. =)

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