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When will Harry Potter 7 book release?

When will Harry Potter 7 book release?.

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    It has been rumored to be released on 07.07.07, due to the fact that the number seven has an important magical significance in the Harry Potter books. J.K. Rowing has not shot this theory down, but I have trouble believing it because of the release date of the fifth movie. It is set for July 13, 2007. If the book and the movie were released so close together, there would be a fight for publicity.

    However, I think it's safe to assume that the book will indeed come out in 2007. Liz Calder, the Director of Publishing of Bloomsbury (who publish the British versions of the books) recently said in an interview that, "The next Harry Potter book is likely to come out in 2007. I hope so."

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    Rumour did have the book being released on 7 July 2007, but some say that that date has been decided against, it being the anniversary of the London bombings. The most recent rumour is for a release date of 31 July 2007 -- Harry's birthday.

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    the book will be released on 7/7/07

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    Soon I hope, I know the Order of The phoniex (the movie) is supposed to come out July 2007

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    It will release next year (2007)

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    July of next year

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    It is rumored to be in July of 2007, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

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    I am wishing for July of 2007, but no one really knows for sure. Its up to J.K. Rowling.

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    i'm guessing sometime in the winter of next year

    maybe january 2007, or even late decmber 2006

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    7/7/07 is the target date.

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