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什麼是『The Golden Turkey Award』?


The Golden Turkey Award 是美國的爛獎嗎?



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    "The Golden Turkey Award" 並不是真的獎,而是一本影評的書,由影評家 Michael & Harry Medved 所撰寫,其中列出作者認為的大濫片、差勁的導演及演員。實際上真有一個固定每年頒發的濫片獎,那就是 Rozzies 金酸苺獎 (Golden Raspberry Awards)。The Golden Turkey Award 的一些得獎名單:Most Embarrassing Movie Debut: Paul Newman in The Silver Chalice Most Ridiculous Movie Monster: Robot Monster Worst Performance by a Popular Singer: Tony Bennett in The Oscar Worst Title: Rat Fink a Boo Boo Most Brainless Brain Movie: They Saved Hitler's Brain Most 'Badly Bumbled Bee' Movie: The Swarm Worst Casting: John Wayne as Genghis Khan in The Conqueror Worst Performance by a Politician: United States Congressman and New York City Mayor John Lindsay in Rosebud Worst Two-Headed Transplant Movie: The Thing with Two Heads Worst Rodent Movie: The Food of the Gods Worst Performance by a Novelist: Norman Mailer in Wild 90 P.T. Barnum Award for Worst Cinematic Exploitation of a Physical Deformity: The Terror of Tiny Town, a Western film with an all-dwarf cast. Worst Musical Extravaganza: At Long Last Love (early 1970s musical starring Burt Reynolds) Worst Performance as a Clergyman or Nun: Mary Tyler Moore in Change of Habit Worst Performance as Jesus Christ: Ted Neeley in Jesus Christ Superstar Worst Blaxpoitation Movie: Scream, Blacula, Scream Biggest Rip-off in Hollywood History: The 1976 version of King Kong Most Unerotic Concept in Pornography: Him, a porn film about a priest with a sexual fixation on Jesus Christ Worst Vegetable Movie: Attack of the Mushroom People Worst Performance by Sonny Tufts: Government Girl Most Ludicrous Racial Impersonation: Marlon Brando as a native of Okinawa in Teahouse of the August Moon Most Obnoxious Child Performer: David Kory in Dondi Worst Director: Edward D. Wood Jr. Worst Actress: Raquel Welch Worst Actor: Richard Burton

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