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Tell me where an e-mail comes from when the domain is @yahoo.ca instead of @yahoo.com?

I received this e-mail from someone who gave me the domain of yahoo.ca?? this is some scam right?

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    From YAHOO Canada Mail Service:

    pop.mail.yahoo.com (

    Organization Name: Yahoo

    Symbol: YHOO

    ADD: 701 First Ave

    City: Sunnyvale

    State: CA

    Zip Code: 94089

    Country: USA

    IP Area: -


    IP Name: EC20-2-YAHOO1

    IP Code: NET-216-136-172-0-1

    IP: NET-216-136-128-0-1

    : Reallocated

    URL Service: NS1.YAHOO.COM

    URL Service: NS2.YAHOO.COM

    URL Service: NS3.YAHOO.COM

    URL Service: NS4.YAHOO.COM

    URL Service: NS5.YAHOO.COM


    Registry Date: 2000-11-30

    Infor Refresh: 2002-03-29

    RTechHandle: NA258-ARIN

    RTechName: Netblock Admin

    RTechPhone: +1-408-349-3300

    RTechEmail: netblockadmin@yahoo-inc.com

    : NETWO857-ARIN

    : Network Abuse

    : +1-408-349-3300

    : network-abuse@cc.yahoo-inc.com

    Technology Manager Code: NA258-ARIN

    : Netblock Admin

    : +1-408-349-3300

    : netblockadmin@yahoo-inc.com

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    It means the person registered for Yahoo using a Canadian city and postal code. There's no guarantee the person actually lives in Canada, but it's a legitimate domain.

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    actuaaly it is yahoo canada. but a person in any part of the world can get a yahoo.ca id. so u really cant guess from where it cums

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    This a Canadian user sending email through Yahoo! Canada. Check out: http://mail.yahoo.ca

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    Actually these are the domain names.e.g,


    means the email address is from UK.


    means the email address is from CANADA.


    means the email address is from INDIA.

    You have gotten what i mean to say.

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    Canada, eh.

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    no, that's yahoo canada.

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