We have a 5 gallon cooler and everclear. what kind fruit and juice would make a good jungle juice. and prep.?

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  • krys
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    1 decade ago
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    actually, everclear doesn't make very good jungle juice. the best is straight vodka mixed with fruity-flavored vodkas.

    but, since everclear is what you have... mix it with kool-ade, any red flavors. also, you can add apple juice (a great filler used in most fruit juices, because the flavor blends in) and pineapple juice.


    -watermelon chunks (these absorb the most alcohol, so be careful!)

    -pineapple chunks (including the juice)

    -marischino cherries (with the juice)

    -any melon, like cantelope


    if you're making a lot, add any sweet, fruity alcohols, like

    -watermelon pucker

    -cherry vodka

    -peach schnapps

    -triple sec

    -rum mixes well with citrus fruits, but since you're using everclear, this would probably be overkill

    -tons of kool-ade, made without sugar. this is great for balancing out a jungle juice that is too sweet. (as most of them are.) just add the kool-ade packets and water, without the sugar. the sugar from the fruits, juices, and alcohols will balance it out perfectly.

    -apple and pineapple juices, as i mentioned before.

    do =not= add any dark-colored alcohols. if it turns out brown or green, it's disgusting. stick with red, pink, orange, yellow, and clear liquids only!! and definitely no creams. (like irish cream)

    - be sure you can't taste the alcohol directly by the time you're done. jungle juice is much stronger than it tastes, and it will sneak up on you fast and hit you hard. if this is your first time, it's better to have not enough alcohol in it than too much. (especially if it's your house they'll be puking all over!) besides, people can always do shots on the side if it isn't very strong.

    this gets a little expensive to make, about $50+ for a cooler. so you might want to ask $5 from everyone, for all they can drink. and have a long-handled punch scooper so you can get the fruit out.

    good luck!

    Source(s): certified bartender and host of several jungle juice parties.
  • ensey
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    3 years ago

    Jungle Juice Recipe 5 Gallon Cooler

  • 1 decade ago

    Here is a recipe for jungle juice which my roommates and I popularized in college:

    2 containers of lemonade mix

    2 containers of cherry (or other suitable flavor) koolade

    1L Everclear (or 190 proof vodka will do in a pinch)

    1 Fifth (750ml bottle) Bacardi 151

    1.75L (Handle) Malibu Rum

    1 Watermellon

    1 Bag Each: Oranges, Limes, Cherries (add any other suitable fruit)

    Prepare 12-24 hours in advance - this allows the fruit to better soak up alcohol and flavor the liquid.

    Chop up all the fruit and combine all the ingredients along with 1-3 pitchers of water (based on the volume you want).


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    apples, pineapples, watermelon, grapes, oranges are the best fruit, let the fruit set in everclear for a few hours with lid on cooler and some ice. As for juice any fruit punch will do. You can also add some Sprite or 7up, and I like to throw in some clear Rum for a little more kick

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  • Aria
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    1 decade ago

    The ever amazing Purple Passions. We used to inject melons, too with Purple Koolaid mixed with Grape Juice and right from the ole' ice chest! I'd get Mom's hypodermics and we'd inject the melons and we also did the ice chest routine on many a lake weekend. We also made a few Fouth of July Fireworks but that is not a recommendation anymore. I am a Mother of 5 now.

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    honeydew & cantalope, fresh pineapple (not canned), strawberries, kiwi, pretty much any fresh fruit. As far as juice, fruit punch is good and you can buy big containers of it pretty cheap.

    P.S. put your fruit in a fry basket or something close to one. some people don't like the the taste of the drink, but will eat the fruit. this makes it easy for them to get the fruit and not have to "fish" for it at the bottom of the container. Just lift it up and serve.

    Source(s): made many of them myself
  • 4 years ago

    I would use 2 fifths in 4 gallons.

  • Koolaid is always good, but mixing in the same fruit as the koolaid flavor is is always a good mix. Mixing watermelon flavored koolaid with real watermelon is my favorite.

  • 1 decade ago

    Welches frozen grape juice concentrate.

    We used to call it purple jesus because .. well .. it was purple, and when most people tried it for the first time their first word was usually "JESUS!!!!!" cough....cough....

  • 1 decade ago

    cool aid is good, it can also be frozen for a slush-type drink

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