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Safe to travel around London alone?

What do you think...might be spending about 4 days there, join a local tour, stay at a youth hostel,etc.....one thing for sure, will not stay outdoor after dark!

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    London is Safe, even after dark.

    Take care only about drunk people, junk people and pickpoquets. What is usual when you are in big cities.

    Everything else is safe. Quite safe. Supersafe.

    People are always afraid about what they do not understand. Go there, enjoy and then, you can say it to everybody. If people are different, they will not hurt you.

    Godspeed dude!

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    I was in London only 2 days ago and felt pretty safe !

    But I think you are right not to stay outdoor after dark.

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    London is safe, despite what you may have heard. Common sense is the thing to use, stay with other people all the time, do not go out, except clubbing, after11:30 pm. Central London has its problems, the average tourist does not need to see them. Stay safe and enjoy your stay.

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    Definitely....go for it. It's safe to walk there even at night. Just be sure to carry a map of the London Underground and bring lots of change with you, and most importantly, know what Underground station is closest to your hotel. Just don't end up in Edgware Road or you'll feel like you're in a foreign country.

    Source(s): Personal experience
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    I work in London and I travel happily around at night. The thing about London is that it's always full of people, so don't be fearful. Enjoy it.It's a beautiful, vibrant city.

  • Anonymous
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    London is the safest major city in the world. Just watch out for bad neighborhoods at night.

  • Adam
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    1 decade ago

    Yeah, as long as you carry a map and an emergency phone number in case you need help. Always be cautious, not just in London but everywhere.

    Don't forget to have fun!

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    When in London, I was out alone often and at night. I was never afraid. It felt safer to me than where I live in the U.S.

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    go on tours... hope you enjoy London

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    That sounds like a sensible plan.

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