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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicMusic · 2 decades ago

Does anyone have the lyrics to Forbidden Broadway SVU Wickeder?

Forbidden Broadway Special Victims Unit Wickeder

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  • 2 decades ago
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    I wrote this out myself...

    DEFYING CHENOWETH (Forbidden Broadway)

    All: No Awards for Wicked...

    K: Aren't you glad

    I starred in Wicked

    I'm Kristen Chenoweth beloved by you

    But I've Been Co-Starred with you know who...

    *sigh*...Fellow New Yorkians

    I would like to introduce to you my beloved friend and glamorous co-star

    Idina Menzel.

    We're both so happy

    We're both so happy now

    We're both so happy how

    K: She gets the big ovation

    I: But she's the big sensation

    We both defer the final bow

    Cause she's the bigger star

    Right now

    *squeek kissy*

    K: Popular,

    I'm glad your so popular

    You've been on more tv show

    And you've modeled clothes some would even call obscene

    Oh, you're in all the PR shots and the promo spots

    You even look attractive green

    I: Yes I'm popular

    But you're the more popular

    You've even been Brantley's pet

    an you've got a set

    of pipe to rival Barbara Cook

    you're the star who wrote the

    im love and im famous book


    Youre such a sweetie that my zero malice

    is putting all my bitchiness into paralysis

    Both: thank god you've chosen me to be your pal

    your sister and advisor

    youre bigger now than pfizer

    you're in demand and

    K: popular

    doo doo doo doo i love that youre popular

    it must be your destiny to be big as me

    Ill know youll make the bigger stir

    uh star.

    I'm genuinely happy

    youve become more populer

    lar...ha la la

    I: what a love fest

    La la

    K: she's the bestest

    Both: im glad youre so..pop-u-lar

    (oh you're so pretty

    thank you)

    ...And now the tony for best actress in a musical

    Oh Idina, wait before they announce the winner

    let's make a blood oath no matter what happens whoever wins

    we will always love eachother and remain the dearest of friends.

    I: Yes always

    ..and the winner is: Idina Menzel in Wicked

    HA! I am the star!

    K: I hope your happy

    I hope youre happy now

    I hope your happy how

    you stole from me the tony

    you vulgar one trick pony

    I: I am so happy

    I am so happy now

    I am so happy how I won your little tony

    you cute obnoxious fony

    K: you give me back my final bow

    Both: and no one's happy

    right now

    K: Idina...listen to me

    we can still be friends

    just say your sorry...

    ...and hand over the tony to me...

    I: what?!

    K: I mean:

    Stephen Schwartz could use that tony

    for he's never won before

    you could save a starving writer

    I: I know

    Trust my wisdom


    I don't want to anymore

    Hum she doesn't want to i wonder why that's a thinker hum.

    I'll be the star of wicked

    after you leave the show

    and once the cast has changed

    I'll grab top billing when you go

    it's time i try

    defying chenoweth

    i'm gonna fly

    defying chenoweth

    you're not the best in town

    your losing your equilibrium that green paint seeped in your cerebrum

    so dont dare try defying chenoweth

    you're/I gonna die

    defying chenoweth

    ill wear the diva crown

    *monkey sounds*


    No monkeys nooo monkeys

    SO strap me in a harness

    and hoist me up to the sky

    in all the big shows lately

    all the leading ladies have to fly

    and hanging from the rafters

    ill dangle like a blimp

    pump up my volume

    as i kill my flying chimp

    and suddenly im defying sublty

    with death defying lack of subtlty

    ill capture world renound

    ill blow the gershwin

    up because

    i am the loudest witch in oz

    and no one's gonna turn

    my volume down

    Ohohhhhhh Oh!




  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Forbidden Broadway Lyrics

  • 2 decades ago

    Just got back from the newly revised FORBIDDEN BROADWAY:SVU, currently playing on 47th street. I saw the "original" SVU production twice while it was still at the Houseman. This was back in December and January, and I was at the time already very impressed by this particular FB installment.

    The cast is one of the best all-around in years, and the material is fantastic- partly due to the genius known as Gerard and partly because Broadway is so ripe for parody these days. I have been highly recommending SVU to everyone who will listen to me, but I haven't had time to get back to the show until just this week. I wasn't in a huge rush (so many other shows to see) until I heard that Ron Bohmer would be leaving at the end of the week in order to go into WOMAN IN WHITE rehearsals.

    So I caught the show last night and was not only pleasantly surprised at how good Jennifer Simard's replacement is (I wish I coulda seen Simard one more time), but I LOVED the new material that's been added since the show changed theatres in June. I went again tonight because I wanted to catch Ron one last time before he outgrows FB once again, and also to appreciate the fine new creations born from the mind of Mr Alessandrini.

    Sadly some of the better bits from the earlier version (and the new album) have been cut because they involve shows that are now no longer with us. I missed the MILLIE bit, the Bernadette GYPSY, and the I AM MY OWN WIFE bits the most- but it is understandable why it was time for them to go. The show is noticeably shorter than I remember it being in January. It was at least 2 hrs before, now it barely clocks in at 1:40. I noticed that some of the remaining bits had been cut down a bit, and that the tempos felt pretty rushed compared to before. I wonder if there was some reason why they needed to truncate the performance time (ala Les Mis). Still FB:SVU remains a great parody and a great New York institution.

    Some of my favorite new stuff includes:

    - a witty, slightly-mean "Christina Applegate in CHARITY" bit

    - an extremely mean, but hilariously masterful PIAZZA parody

    - a brilliant Robert Goulet alone-onstage number where Ron Bohmer's impersonation is on par with that of Will Ferrell (with 100 times a better voice), only in a musical theatre context. I was nearly on the floor laughing.

    - a CHITTY CHITTY medley which I won't comment on

    - a few jabs at LENNON including a great "star turn" by Yoko in classic Yoko style

    - a ridiculously irreverent argument between Kathleen Turner and Cherry Jones

    I'd say the production is about 40% different from what it was when recorded for the album. Most of the important material was retained, though much of it was shuffled around to accommodate the necessary logistics of each new bit.

    All in all, this is still one of the best FB's I know of, with what remains a top-notch cast. Newcomer Megan Lewis continues to amaze me, as does the versatile and dynamic Jason Mills. I am very happy that they will be with the show a bit longer. Jennifer Simard, you are missed. Ron Bohmer, you will be missed and I for one can't wait for WOMAN IN WHITE. Gerard, you remain a genius.

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    This may be feasible

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    5 years ago

    I think it depends

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